GE Simon XT(806323N-XT) does not show"System " on the panel


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Unhappy GE Simon XT(806323N-XT) does not show"System " on the panel

Today I received a brand new GE Simon XT and could set for a door sensor.

But the alarm did not work soon , then when I pushed some buttons on the panel, some how I could not see "Security Program" on the monitor anymore.

Also "door open " was telling me sometime, I believe I pushed
"Disarm" but it did not work.

The beep started to continue every 5 minutes,

I followed the manual to "Resetting memory to the factory defaults"
The alarm went to crazy until I removed the battery.

I did not push tamper when I replaced the battery

And my monitor was still not showing "System"

And I could not do anything.

Also Beep started again.

Anyone knows why "System program" does not appear

during I push scroll buttons?

And why after Sensor test failed ,
suddenly "System" was disappeared from the monitor?

I was pushing Silent and Bypass buttons some times to

stop beep.

Now I am reading all of the guide and manual again,

It supposed to be stop with disarm button, but after I pushed, 5 minutes or 10 minutes later, the beep started again. The only one way to stop this , remove battery.

By the way, the alarm when I removed the battery was killing me, I recommend everybody use ears plugs before do this.

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My sensor test was failed, and I removed the door sensor .It might be too close to the metal chain folder, I suspect it may be the reason why it did not work.
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Hookay, slow down a bit, you are rambling a bit.

Give the actual _keystrokes_. You are telling us what you _tried_ to do, but not what you actually did.
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When I push the Status , it talks "Front door, tampered , bypassed."

Now I try to find out how to clean this system.

I don't see "System program " on the menu so far.

The manual is not good to understand "How to clean "Bypass"

To find out this, I o through the manual again and again.

Adobe 's manual ( English version ) for Acrobat , Illustrator

are much better to understand the products.

I could get through comcast trouble, Toshiba English manual

in the USA, but this time, the GE manual is really giving me hard time.

I was expecting if GE would ask me to sent this product to
fix with some money.

If the assistant is not good, people don't buy it the product anymore.

Dell Computer widely sells the products,

I could have maintenance from the first day I found the computer did not work during the installation.

I could have a nice service from Dell Computer.

If I can not fix my monitor at GE , it is making and selling this product, how can I do?

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The cover on the front door sensor is not on properly.....
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Some contacts from GE

One was saying can not provide help for me, because I don't have a license to do this.

They meant technician to tell how to do.

Another one is saying " GE will provide information for home owner too. But it is limited information.

OK I may will.

I even don't know how to disarm or clean " Bypass status"

or I could do it ( Because Bypass does not light on now"

Somehow, when I do some other thing with manual,

Bypass on.

I am sorry, readers here, you don't understand what I am writing here, even I don't know what I am writing here.

I have to know what exact happen to my monitor now.

I go back and make some calls .
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To disarm alarm alarm alarm

P13 on the manual,

Showing Aalrms

Alarms are canceled by entering a master or user code.

Alarm Alarm Alarm
Press Status

I misunderstand this information yesterday,

I was pushing status button again and again,

the alarm was not stopped ( Of corse).

I removed the battery to stop this alarm.

Today I pushed disarm first and entered master code

1234 and it was disarmed.

The alarm was starting when I tried to clean the status

history with manual.

I don't see "System program yet."

Some were solved.

I am not a native American English speaker and
If the manual does not show " Press Disarm + master code"

I don't understand this.

That's I am talking about here about this manual.

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Thumbs up Amazing!!! I take back the System program menu!!!

I know I am praying for Angel to fix this problem since I got it.

After I disarmed the Alarm Alarm Alarm with this process

Disarm + 1234 ( Master code)

The crazy alarm was disarmed successfully.

Some how when I scrolled , I finally found " System program"

I disarmed the crazy Alarm Alarm Alarm

then I installed AAA batteries into the sensor of first door.

My monitor beeped once.

Then I see " System program" again.

I found the menu.

I think I did something right today.

Last night I read the manual well.

And I made index for that.

I asked GE directory.

Also I asked

But all by emails.

So I don't get any help yet.

But I solved this problem.

Thank you for my Angels

to support this foreigner here in the USA.

Oh, great!!!

I also thank you for a guy wrote here to know my problem.

You are always so kind here, I know.
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Additional information for transmitter

To install transmitter, I was not sure how to do this.
( I was afraid of )

I found the PDF manual before I attach the transmitter on the door.


I bought from, the review was saying easy with quick start.

But it was not so easy for me.

Because it is first time to install this kind of thing.

I don't know why my manual did not include

the manual of transmitter but now I am sure how to do this.
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Unhappy Before the test

yesterday I could place a sensor on the door.
And I tested and I failed.

Today, I placed three sensor now.

To find out to delete one sensor,

I was afraid of if I deleted this, it was OK or not.

But it was OK to delete one sensor from the door.

I tested for one door.

I don't open the door yet, but before I opened the door,

The monitor started to talk .

and Start alarm every seconds.

I disarmed and I could.

It happened after I pushed the "Door + window"

it means I armed for the door.

And saying " front door tampered open " " Garage door opened"

It is same information as pushing the status."

I think "Door+Window" should make armed condition, but
it has been speaking as same as status.

This is my next level.

Sensor is working.
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System test is OK

The third sensor was showing "Battery low" on the panel.

I delete this first.

And I tested "Sensor test" was OK with other two sensors and two key chains.

I pushed the sensor button of the third one again,

and I could pass this Sensor test now.

Next step, I am going to learn how to use "Windows/ Door" button on the panel.

When it was flashing, the tone is so laud, yesterday and today, I was going to be nervous , and I thought I did something wrong.

I am using ear plugs all day today,
It makes me OK to get through this whole process by now.

The sound, I have to find out if I can fix the volume.

It is so loud.

Our house made by wood and the tone goes through well.

My last step is how to arm and disarm "door and window" button on the panel.

I called GE just in case, but it did not provide information because I am a home owner.

I could call where I bought the system.

But I am proceeding with manual so far.

I understood some people are writing some where and here,
" It is not so easy to install"

I agree with them.

To understand the manual, some place does not show " Disarm " button to press.

I am complaining a lot here more than asking somebody.
I am not good manor here, I am sorry but please forgive me.

I provided my information here for someone else like me,

it may help them later.

For any products, DVD sets , Apple PC, Windows PC,
Adobe , Toshiba etc....

Always I use search engine and I read forum

and it is really helping than the company provided the information.

I bought DVD convertor to connect to my Toshiba DVD,
the Toshiba USA 's customer supporter told me about the convertor but he did not tell me exact type or number or name of the convertor for between my TV and comcast.

I found the information on the internet forum somebody left,

it helped me a lot last year.

I know this is old fashion but I wanted to do that.

I have to go now to solve final problem of " Door /window" button.
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It is working finally.

My brain sensor read the GE guys on the phone,

and now the panel works well.

Window/ door button does not create some kind of alarm or information anymore.

When I pushed, it is working with silence until I open the doors.

I was expecting this condition.

Today I fixed the volume tone for the beep, it was right thing to do first.

The volume level was 7, I changed to 4.

My heart beat was really fast and wrong yesterday with this level 7 beep, it made me all panic.

I hope GE sets the volume 4 or 3 first and should sell it.

I have to learn and practice a few days more.

Also I have to set up for cell phone etc,

I will add the grass shock sensors.

This is the only first step to me.

By the way, I complained about GE is not intended to attack GE.

I am always like this against any companies even in Japan.

Then they work well.

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