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Exclamation PC1555MX Help

OK, so I bought a home with a PC1555MX alarm installed. Alarm is not monitored. Everything went fine until I tried to tweak the system. Here is what I have done:

Tried to reset zone 7 and zone 8 to null zones in order to permanently disable the wired interior motion sensors. Here is what I typed into the keypad:

*8 [installer code] 8149 001 07 00 08 00 ##

The result was for Memory and Fire to light up. The trouble indicator is lit, and the siren went off.

I typed in the master code to turn off the siren, no problem there.

Zone 1 and Zone 3 are now lit up with Memory, Fire and Trouble.

I understand that for trouble codes, zone 1 is service (battery), and zone 3 is the phone line.

I can not set the alarm at all now.

I then tried to reset the zones back to the way they were by typing:

*8 [installer code] 8149 001 07 04 08 04 ##

I then tried to get rid of zone 3 trouble by eliminating the monitoring by typing in:

*8 [installer code] 015 7 # 380 1 ##

Help! How do I get the alarm back to the way it was and be able to set the alarm? My continued marital bliss is dependant on this!!!!

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Clearly you did not understand the command syntax.

*8 [installer code] 8149 001 07 00 08 00 ##
I _hope_ that 8149 is your installer code.

What you did was tell the system that zone 1 is delayed 24 hour fire; zone 2 is not used; zone 3 is standard 24 hour fire, and zone 4 is not used.

The correct syntax is *8 [installer code] to enter programming
001 xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx (xx being the zone definition of the zones from 1 to 8).
# until you exit programming

There are ways to skip ahead to a specific zone, but it is generally easier to simply list out all of your zones and re-enter _all_ of them when you don't really have a grasp of the programming process.

The easiest way to disable a motion, by the way is to simply take the alarm relay wires at the motion itself and twist them together (not the power wires).

Why do you need to disable the motions?
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Thanks for your help. That solved it!

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