DSC Power864 2 Wire Smoke Programming


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DSC Power864 2 Wire Smoke Programming

I am trying to figure out how to program the smoke detectors on the DSC 5020 board. Currently, zones 1 thru 6 have hard wires for other contacts, etc. Zone 7 and 8 is open on the panel, meaning no wires going to them. I just had the system hooked up to monitoring. The monitoring company dialed into the system and everything seemed to be going well until I told them I had a 2 wire smoke on the PGM slot. They did a few things and the trouble light came on and has been on continously on the keypad. The original installer said the fire was set to zone 7 (no wires in zone 7 though) and if the smoke detector is tripped (using paper towel and lighter), the interior alarm sounds and the LCD pad says Fire in memory. However, the alarm company is not getting a fire signal. Programming wise, this is the programming (I did before monitoring)...

*8+IC+001+03 04 03 03 03 03 08 00 ## To set the fire on zone 7
*8+IC+009+00+04 ## To set pgm2 to 2 wire smoke support

Don't know what they did when they dialed up to activate the trouble light. They indicated I had a wiring problem, which I might. I have a red wire from the smoke going to Aux+ and the black wire to PGM2.

The questions I have are
1) Is the programming above correct?
2) How does the panel know the association between zone 7 for fire and the PGM2 or is there a way to let the system know that the smoke has tripped and cause the alarm?
3) When entering *2 a number 5 comes up, I press 5 again and nothing shows. Is there a way to determine why the trouble light is on? It's a LCD5501Z keypad.

I've been through most all of the posts on this and can't seem to get it straight in my head how to accomplish this the programming without physical wires from the smoke detector going to the panel zone 7 area.
Thanks for the help in advance.
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you want to change the 08 for zone 7 to 00

if zone 7 isnt used. no wires- not used

that should clear the trouble.

you then need to get them to add the fire reporting code to the "AUX input alarm" & "AUX input restore" in section 329 {priority alarm & restoral}

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