Advice on outdoor security IP camera?


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Advice on outdoor security IP camera?

There's been a series of car break ins in my area and my house is on the end of a cul de sac with a clear view about 1/8 mile up the street. I'd like to mount and ip cam of some sort under the corner eve of my house, which is about 20' off the ground and 60' away from the end of the driveway. The cul-de-sac will be my prime area of focus and i'd like license plates to be readable even at night. I'd also like to be able to see as far as possible up the street though in case something happens at the further houses. There is a post light between where the camera would go and the cul de sac. I'm not sure how that would affect IR?

Do I need IR? The main time I'm concerned about is at night, but there is a lot of post lights and coach lights around...
What type of lens do I need to get the view I'm after?
What camera should I get or would you recommend? Tilt and pan is not important, price and image quality is.
Also, I'd like to constantly record and save for 24 hours. What type of software and hard drive space will I need to do that?

I've been looking at this cheapy walmart special Plustek IPCAM P1000 Network Camera - 437-BBE31-C: Surveillance Equipment
however it doesn't have IR(do I need it?) and it probably doesn't offer the view distance I'm after.

Any suggestions? Would it be better/possible to get a non-ip security camera like SVAT CV31 Hi-Res Outdoor CCD Security Camera w/Long Range Night Vision: Camera & Photo and a PCI TV tuner card with A/V in?

What should I be looking for as far as image quality/size and lens size/distance?
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Unfortunatlly no IP camera is gonna fit the bill your looking for. Youll need a hardwired outdoor IR camera. Yes you will need an infrared camera especially if you want to be able to see license plates at night. the DVR selection is about how well you want the recorded images to look and also how long you will store the images. I would get a good DVR card for your computer, check out Geovision cards. Also make sure you get card with good FPS at least 120 FPS or better (240 would be ideal)

DVR card

For the camera youll need a fairly decent camera. The cheapo specials are gonna go any justice. The more IR emitters the camera has the longer it will see. The greater range of adjustable lens gives you a greater FOV. hears 2 links. First is a lower range camera, about 180 feet at night, 30 IR's the second will go up to 300 feet at night has more powerful IR's.

Cheaper but great camera

Much more expensive camera

hope this helps
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OK thanks, so to start off with I need a video capture card like this a bnc to db15 adapter like this

about 100ft of BNC video and power cable like this

now for the camera... the $750 one you linked has less verifocal power than the $200 one. only 22mm versus 40mm. It just seems that the $750 has more powerful IR LED's?

What about this
LTS DVC-CMR828B Day and Night IP65 Weather-proof IR Camera Black NightVision Cameras LTS Surveillance Cameras CCTV Camera 1/3 inch Sony Super HAD CCD 42 pcs LED 130FT Long Range IR Cameras 540 TV Lines 2.8~12mm Vari-focal Lens-Best Computer Online St
camera for it's low price, 540 lines of res, but only 12mm max varifocal... OR
Infrared Night Vision Camera Super Long Range
for it's sub $200 price, 520? lines res, 60!mm max varifocal, and apparently very strong LED's.

I can't seem to grasp how much varifocal I will actually need. Obviously it's nice to have more than enough but I'd hate to think I spent an extra $100 for view range I don't need in the daytime and that the IR can't illuminate at night?
I was also looking at these
Infrared Illuminator with 48 PCS 5mm Diameter LED Lamp - Wholesale Factory Direct
IR illuminators that I could maybe add out in the field of view? For instance on my mailbox at license plate height? I'm still unsure how the visible light from the post lights, coach lights and streetlights will affect the IR? Don't want to spend a bunch of money and have it wind up crap so atm I'm leaning towards that $90 camera.
What recording software would I need?

EDIT: after looking at the $750 one again, I see it has "Intelligent Image Compensation Agains IR Saturation" and I'm wondering if that is why it costs so much more? Is there any software I could put on my computer to compensate in the same way for "non-intelligent" cameras?

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You will not be able to see the field of view you are after, plus be able to see license plates. Not going to happen. You would be best off with a 1MP+ ip camera with an IR illuminator. With a MP camera you can have a large field of view, plus be able to zoom in without the pixelization of an along cam although the tailights and brake lights will most likely wash out the license plates. Be prepared to spend >$400 on a good MP camera.
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