Fine Tuning Vista 20p - Misc Questions


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Fine Tuning Vista 20p - Misc Questions


I thought about sprinkling in these question because sometimes people shy away from longer posts. However, I thought it would be better to just give all the info and be upfront about everything. Hopefully you guys can help out.

I have a system as follows:

Vista 20p
(3) Alpha Keypad 6160
Wireless Receiver SA5882-3ENM
Transmission Module 5800TM
Wireless Repeater 5800RP
(2) Bi-Directional Wireless Key 5804BDV
(2) Wireless Key Transmitter 5804
(7) Wired Motion Sensors - Exterior Perimeter
(5) Wired Motion Sensors - Interior

I designed the system and ordered all the parts. Alarm company here in Mexico did the installation and does the monitoring and sends response. This happened 3 years ago.

They alarm company really just goes through the motions when I have them out to fix problems. I decided to take matters into my own hands. Too many false alarms (now fixed), and terrible reception to arm/disarm with keyfob.

I have a few questions:

1. When I go into #24 to see House Code, the Keypad displays House Code 1 2 3, and then 01,07,00,00,00,00 with dings as each number goes by. I thought it was supposed to show me 3 sets of numbers. I checked my 5804BDV's and they are set to 17. They are both enrolled with serials with the same settings except the serials are different of course. One works terribly (zn 49-52) and the other works great (zn 37-40). With the 5800rp cover off I can see the good remote setting off the yellow light every time. The poorly working remove hardly ever sets off the 5800rp yellow light. Since I was only using the bad one for years, this was the cause of my frustration. Does it look to you that I have one bad 5804bdv? Or something else wrong?

2. The system has the 5800rp enrolled with serial (Zn 19, Zt 8, P 1, RC 10, IN RF, L 1s). I cannot get rid of the low battery notification on keypad. I have tried two batteries (one from a used RP) and they show me 6.8v and 7.6v (in now) on volt meter. Too low? It looks like there are 5 x 1.5v AAA batteries in the pack which should yield 7.5v but the 5800rp manual mentions 9v. From the looks of the 5800rp manual it will report different errors as LOBAT so I'm not sure what really is the problem.

3. How many wireless zone should I have available? The reason I ask is because when they originally did the programming they said that there was no room for 2 extra 5804 keyfob that I put away. I am not sure how the "Users" factor in to this equation.
Zn 19 5800RP
Zn 37-40 5804BDV (User 3)
Zn 41-44 5804 (User 11)
Zn 45-48 5804 (User 12)
Zn 49-52 5804BDV (User 4)

4. I can't get the yellow light to flash on the 5800RP when using a regular 5804. Are those supposed to get repeated? Thought so. They do work straight to the main receiver.

5. The 5800RP is in a metal box with antennas poking cleanly through the top. It's working good. This is located on top of the front wall of the property. Is the 5800RP supposed to repeat 5800TM transmissions? If yes, couldn't I just stick the 5800TM inside the same metal box as the 5800RP? Then anything that comes out of the TM would be easily received by the RP and rebroadcast through the RP antennas??

I appreciate any help. I realize this is long. I always see complaints of experts of posts without enough background info. Hopefully it's okay.


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Yes, when viewing settings displayed by Vista panels, ignore the leading zero as the digits are read back.

If one keyfob works correctly, but the other one doesn't then the odds are that the non functional keyfob is a dud.

For the 5800RP, it's not supposed to _run_ on the rechargeable battery pack. You are supposed to supply the unit with external power from either a 9VAC source or a 12VDC source. The battery pack is to smooth out breif power failures.

Your M wireless receiver only allows 16 wireless zones on this model system. If you had the 5882 ENH you would have the full 40 wireless zone plus 16 keyfob button capacity that this system is supposed to have (and might also explain your issues with the keyfobs).

I would not be inclined to put the 5800TM in the same enclosure with the repeater. Technically they sould be able to coexist, but when you get into mixing multiple reciever/transmitter modules you start getting into "black art" stuff where you get unexpected results.
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For the 5800RP, it's not supposed to _run_ on the rechargeable battery pack.
I do have the power connected. I remember the voltmeter saying I was getting over 12vdc (maybe it was 14) on the 5800RP board's power supply terminals. But I see what you're getting at. I guess my only question here is what should a fully charged battery pack show on the voltmeter?

Your M wireless receiver only allows 16 wireless zones on this model system.
If 16 is my limit and each keyfob takes up 4, then is it okay to have the 5800RP on zone 19? Or maybe that shouldn't be enrolled at all because of my limit?

What do you think of this line of thinking?... From what I understand, 5800RP should repeat (yellow led) regardless of possible Vista programming issues. I tend to think my issues with the keyfob's are not really related to programming because I recall pushing the off button (with the perhaps dud 5804BDV) from about 10 feet from the 5800RP (at night) and the metal enclosure box door open and could not get the yellow light to flicker like with the one good 5804BDV. No yellow on the 5800RP either from the two 5804 at 10 feet but all 3 problematic keyfob's do work up close to the SA5882-3ENM. Sometimes take a couple tries. I don't have red interference light either. Perhaps my supplier at the time (Safemart) sent me some returned merchandise?

I appreciated your assistance. It helps a lot.

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