Trouble getting ADT Safewatch Pro 3000EN to work over Ooma

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Trouble getting ADT Safewatch Pro 3000EN to work over Ooma

Hi, hoping someone might be able to provide some advice.

ADT worked fine, as far as I know, using the telephone line I had hooked up with my cable company, Charter Communications. I then switched to Ooma, and in doing several tests with ADT, they don't receive the signal, and after the first couple tests we tried, the phones didn't have a dial tone for something like 5 or 10 mins.

Upon researching through these and other forums, the common recommendation seems to be to go into programming, and edit setting 40, entering #11 99 #13 (aka *99pause). So here's the steps I took

  1. Verified after the initial tests that I did with ADT, nothing shows up in my call log on
  2. Verified hookup. Have phone splitter coming off Ooma unit, with one wire going to fax/printer, and the other going to female part of a female and male special phone jack on the end of a wire going to ADT panel. Verify phone (handset) works fine (I get the Ooma special tone, don't know how to shut that off if it matters).
  3. Tried to enter programming on ADT panel by entering 6321800. It made a sorta long beep, but a "20" never displayed to let me know I was in programming. Other commands like #40, etc. didn't seem to do anything, so I was convinced I didn't have right installer code.
  4. Used method to retrieve installer code from sticky FAQ here. After plugging in battery and power to ADT, the unit was in programming mode, and I hit #20 to see installer code, and weirdly it was 6321 which I tried before.
  5. Looked at 40 which was blank, 41 which was 1877xxxxxxx, and 42 which was blank.
  6. Hit *40 to edit it, and typed #11 70 #13
  7. Exited programming by hitting *99
  8. Called ADT to test, and they had me do silent test by doing <my code>51. We waited like 3 mins, and they received no call.
  9. I checked call log on and still nothing registered.

I'm not sure what else to try at this point? Am I stuck getting the cell hookup for ADT for another $12/mo.?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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From Ooma's support site:

"Home alarm compatibility

If you have a home alarm system that relies on a phone line, we recommend that you use Ooma with a landline or keep a separate landline to support your alarm system.

Note: Ooma Telo units manufactured after April 2011 no longer have the option to connect a landline."

Basically, it sounds like this VOIP solution is not compatible with DTMF communication devices like alarm systems.
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Ok. I was under the impression by people in other threads that they got this working. Perhaps the posts were older than that.
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I've written this before but it bears repeating. Using a VoIP system for alarm communications is a crap shoot. The reliability that is required with alarm systems just plain doesn't exist with VoIP. It may work ten times out of ten on testing but then fail on the first real alarm.

VoIP is dependent upon the VoIP adapter, the LAN in the house, the WAN Internet connection, power failures, data corruption and every step is a potential failure point. For non-critical alarms where all you want is the alarm to call your cellular telephone AND you already have a VoIP system in place it might be "okay" but never think of VoIP as sustaining a "mission critical" connection to the alarm monitoring station. If you don't have a traditional (I.e copper wire) telephone system then go cellular for alarm monitoring. Truth is, I wouldn't depend on anything but cellular for alarm monitoring.

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