can Z-wave rellite the boiler flame at work?


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can Z-wave rellite the boiler flame at work?

I am doing research on a home system, but all this research has made me rethink the system at work. I doubt our work system has been upgraded in years.

ADS monitors our gas boiler. (they call it a medical alarm but it is not)

If the flame goes out ADS calls us and we have to go in an re-light the boiler in the middle of the night or some other inopportune time. Once we get there all we have to do is push a button.

Because of my home research I am wondering if there is some type of Zwave item that will push that button?

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Don't you have to hold a button down (gas valve) and push the ignitor button ?

It would seem to me that the ultimate fix to this problem is get the pilot issue repaired.
I don't think I'd want an automatic system relighting a pilot if I wasn't actually there.
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Okay, I'm a burg alarm tech who does residential burg/fire systems, and I've -troubleshot- and repaired commercial fire system over the last 35 years, but you really need a fire alarm guy to weigh in to tell you about Fire Code.

However...I'm 99.9% certain that jacklegging a device to automatically or remotely relight a pilot light is illegal, and probably incurs jail time, not just a substantial fine.

PJmax is right, all contemporary pilot lights are designed to take more than a button push to restart. They're designed that way for a reason. Back before they were designed that way, valves let gas seep out until it found some ignition source, and buildings blew up and set blocks of buildings on fire.

I would follow PJmax's advice and address the issue with the pilot light.
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While it seems like a good idea, it's against several different life safety and fire codes, and a general bad idea. Just as it's not "according to Hoyle" to reset a fire alarm remotely, the same applies to relighting a combustable gas pilot.

They are set up to make someone have to physically be present because you are supposed to be checking the why of the pilot going out.
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Remotely lighting a pilot on any appliance with any device is a big no no.The best thing to do is to get the issue with the boiler control resolved.You shouldn't have to keep resetting it like that.

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