Ademco Vista 20p giving FC code with Comcast


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Ademco Vista 20p giving FC code with Comcast

I have a Vista 20p which has been working fine with VoIP (Comcast) up to about a month ago.
The alarm was accidentally tripped and after about 10 minutes I wondered why the monitoring company had not called.

The panel was showing the FC code (failure to communicate)
I contacted the alarm company and they had me unsuccessfully try to clear the FC code. Entering my code several times in succession did not work.
Rebooting the system (disconnected power source including battery) did not work.
They said I would need a technician to come out which of course would cost$$.
The tech came out and was finally able to clear the code and communicate with the monitoring company by setting off the alarm at least six times. The tech was here more than an hour and unable to find a problem. He was perplexed himself.
He suggested I test the system weekly which I have been putting off.

This morning the alarm went off and the FC code has returned.
I am going to try to clear the code myself by setting off the alarm.

Anyone have any ideas on what to try or what the fix is for this?

Thanks much
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Using VoIP to communicate with an alarm monitoring company is a crap shoot. Sometimes it works fine and sometimes it doesn't work at all. It can work ten times out of ten when testing and then the eleventh time when there is a real alarm it won't work. Your best best is to upgrade to a cellular communicator.
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I agree ... had a similar issue, and since upgrading to cellular communicator, have not had any further issues. Be sure to check with you central station on their compatibility with the cellular device you select, as there are several you can choose from.
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Vista 20p

Thanks for your responses.

Just an FYI. To clear the most recent failure; I had the monitoring company take me offline for an hour.
I then set off the alarm from various locations for a total of seven times.
It cleared the FC code after the third attempt. I did have to enter my code three times to clear it. I suspect if I had done this on the first attempt, it would have cleared the error code.
Of course, when I reached out to the monitoring company to put me back online they informed me that they had received all seven breaches.

Our dog set it off the other day and that alarm went through.

The alarm company suggests I get a updated system board ($400-$500) that would work with VoIP and the cellular network simultaneously.
They also stated that the current system is not 100% reliable over VoIP and possibly parts on the Vista 20p are failing intermittently.

One system is made by 2gig technologies. (comments?)

I am considering upgrading but will likely wait until I have one more FC code.

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99% of the time, communication faults with VOIP is because the phone adaptor isn't doing a good enough job of emulating a real phone line, or too many data packets are getting dropped in the transmission. It's not critical for a voice call, but it does make a difference for a data transmission.

If it was my system, I would go with something like the Vista 20iP which can communicate over the internet directly (if your monitoring service supports alarmnet). All you would have to replace is the motherboard (with all the attendant programming, of course)
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Ademco Vista 20 IP

Mr RonFL

I will look into the VISTA 20 IP

Thanks for the suggestion.
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You can also look into a company called Ip Datatel they are fairly new and have some neat means of communication.

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