ADT Safewatch QuickConnect Plus System - Motion Detector Issue


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ADT Safewatch QuickConnect Plus System - Motion Detector Issue

Good Morning All,

I joined this forum because I am having a minor issue with a newly installed motion sensor (installed yesterday). Some background:

1) The base system was installed approximately 5 weeks ago and included two motion sensors.
2) Original two motion sensors appear to work "normally". (Seem to be asleep when system is disarmed or in "STAY" mode & no voice descriptor announcements)

We experienced zero issues with or system until yesterday (2013-03-23) when we had a third motion sensor installed. Here's what it is doing:

1) Last night we started hearing a voice descriptor announcement for the new motion detector.
2) I called ADT and they suggested I turn off "Chime". Really? (Neither of the other two motion sensors EVER produced any sort of announcement other than the original Walk Test.)
3) According to the rep on the phone, the motion detector (or system?) was left in "install" mode, which she reset.
4) After calming down, I called ADT again and calmly explained that: "one of these things is not like the others" and managed to get a service call scheduled in about two weeks.
5) Set the system in STAY mode last night. (Motion Sensors are "asleep" right?)
6) Woke up this morning and walked in range of the new motion detector (Still in STAY mode) and set off the security alarm. (Alarm cancelled normally)

In a nutshell, I think this motion detector was setup to act like a primary door sensor. I am used to hearing voice "chimes" whenever I open a door while the system is disarmed. I am equally certain that opening a door, while the system is armed in STAY will produce an alarm.

So, what does the collective think? Am I on the right track? Additionally, assuming the installer used a standard "installer" code, how do I review the Zone TYPE for individual motion sensors? (Incidentally, I have downloaded applicable LynxPlus programming information, just not entirely certain exactly how to enter the correct sequence of entries.)

Thanks for taking your time to read this. Any responses would be welcome, other than how to turn off "Chime". (Got it, DEFINITELY NOT the issue).


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Yes, the new motion was enrolled as the wrong zone type.

A "Quickconnect Plus" is a Lynx Plus with minor things like the default installer code changed to ADT specs.

Use this manual:

The instructions for the *56 mode are how you can view (and correct) this programming goof up. Let us know what parts of the manual you have trouble following.
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Firstly, not going to say anything about customer service because that might not go over well [new customer, too, eh?].

Secondly, they should be able to remotely login to your system and change that. Did they add the third motion?
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Wink Turns Out I am NOT Crazy!

First of all, thank you for your individual replies. Mr. Moderator, you were right on the money. I called the installer and he walked me thru the *56 routine for the errant zone. It was set as a Type 03 Perimeter device rather than the correct Type 04 "interior follower". Now everything is working properly - no motion detector voice annunciations and no tripping of the alarm while in STAY mode and walking by any of our three motion detectors. And yes, the same ADT installer installed all of the sensors in our home. To his credit, he called me on a Sunday to see what was going AND allowed me to call him a second time when I returned home this evening. That's how I would roll if I were in his shoes. That said, I did make a separate call to the company to see if they had visibility regarding the Type Zone each of our sensors were set for. No joy. Either they can't remote into my system OR they aren't allowed to share this info as it could make service call fees unnecessary? Doesn't matter now. I have my installer's numbers now and I know he'll at least return calls intelligently. Big plus in my book. Cheers!

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