GE Simon XT/XTi questions (not getting answers from Frontpoint, Safemart, etc)


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Question GE Simon XT/XTi questions (not getting answers from Frontpoint, Safemart, etc)

House was broken into this Tuesday. Yep, it sucks. Worst part is they did more damage breaking in (had to replace $1600 door) than they really took.

Time to get an alarm and some cameras.

In calling around to people (other than ADT), it seems wireless is what everyone is using - I'm guessing because low barrier of entry so they can make the monitoring $$$.

I'm fine with wireless as long as it's dependable, and it seems Simon XT and XTi are used a bunch.

Here are some questions I can't really get answered:

1) What are those of you who are using either doing for an external siren? Is it dependable if you use the GE z-wave one or do you go hardwired?

2) I don't like that I only have one panel and that panel also has the siren; are there any options for an additional panel or just seperate panels that work with the "main" brain?

3) Are there any options when you need sensors on nice wooden doors when the white sensors look horrid?

4) Where do most of you put the main panel since it needs power? I'm worried about having it so out in the open since, despite the smash-protection, it still seems begging to be smashed if I leave it on the kitchet counter, etc.

5) Not sure if I can ask here, but I'm debating on going with either Frontpoint or Safemart - does anyone have any suggestions?

Sorry for so many questions, but my wife is still freaked out since the break in so I need to move in a hurry and decide soon

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I am not a fan of All in one systems. The wireless devices and the receiver system are quite reliable. It's a long tested and true technology, so that's not really the issue. The single unit issue is something of a problem, for me. In my opinion, AIO systems are better suited for something like an apartment or a condo. Installers like them because they are cheap and fast to get in and out the door on the install. If you can afford it, and have the means to run wires, a real hardwired system with keypads, wired sirens, and as many hardwired contacts as possible is really the way to go.

They do make transmitters for this system (and the concords and NX panels also use the same transmitters) that come with a brown shell, as well as transmitters that can be embedded in door and window frames.
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We use a Concord 4 in conjunction with Everything is hardwired (lots of windows, three exterior doors, two motion detectors) with the exception of two smoke detectors (others are hardwired, these were added later), and the reporting is, of course, cellular.

The siren is somewhere in the front attic pointing downward through the openings in the eaves. It's heard throughout the neighborhood when we test it.

The main panel, which has the GSM unit inside, along with an expansion card, is in the basement. It gets four out of five "blips" on the radio LED light, so no signal worries there.

In the house, we've got two ATP1000 keypads, one on each level.

I would agree with MrRon about both hardwiring as much as possible, and trying to stay away from the AIO units.

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