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Spy Camera

Hello, I recently had to put my mother into a nursing home. I want to purchase a covert spy/nanny camera to install in her room. Ideally a camera embedded into a clock radio would suffice but open to suggestions. Never had to do this before so I would like suggestions on the best place to purchase on the web. Prefereably a set-up with a flash drive where I can view on my computer. Alternatively a wireless set-up might work as long as it is covert. Any help, suggestion are greatly appreciated. Thx all. FC
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Before I even thought about that, I would be consulting an attorney as to the legal ramifications of putting a spycam on someone else's private property.
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The legal circumstances are something you should strongly investigate.

That said, try these guys: Security Cameras | Video Security Camera System | CCTV Video Surveillance Systems

Even if you don't buy from them, they have a good amount of clear and concise technical information you can use to make a decision.

Again, in many jurisdictions, this is a legally iffy thing to do...
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Thank you both for your feedback. I'll deal with the legal ramifications when and if they come up. The safety and security of my mother is paramount. Checked out supercircuits.com and they have an extensive selection of covert cams...nice,,,
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Is the home she's in that bad?
The down side to the camera (besides the legal issues) is that you will only see what is directly in front of the camera. Not what happens off to the side or in another room. No table, desk or dresser will give you the view needed to cover a room or outside that room.
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Many nursing homes in our area have installed cameras in the common areas and hallways, but they cannot install them in the patients' rooms. Ironically the cameras are there to help protect the owners against frivolous lawsuits brought by patients' families. You'd be amazed at the number of lawsuits -- nursing homes are ripe these days.

That said, if it was my mom I would certainly install a camera. I won't tell you how I know this, but here the end definitely justifies the means.
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Northern Mike, It's not terrible but they have a little bit of baggage. About a year and a half ago a family suspected something was going on with their mother. They dropped in a covert cam and caught one of the nurse aide abusing their mom. The aide was promptly arrested. Overall the place seems ok but I am on a wait list for our first choice. Unfortunately the beds don't turn over quick in the real good places. Thx for your feedback.
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Rick - agree 100%. Better to have something than nothing. Just erring on the side of caution here. even if it costs me a grand for a good cam I will invest it.... Thx FC
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The issue of legallity that often applies, is due to signage being required to be prominently displayed reading "Video Recording In Progress" or similar.
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Several things.

Will your mother be aware of the cam? She has legal rights! I doubt very much if anybody would want surveillance in their personal space. If she finds out you may loose all trust and alienate her for the duration. Even if she does not have all her faculties, the courts may act in her benefit to prosecute you for invasion of privacy. The nursing home might instigate legal proceeding.

You may be sued by nursing home if found out. Just because of the fact that nursing homes are easy targets for legal suits also means that they are not stupid. They may very well have surveillance sweeping electronics and will periodically look for hidden cams.

You are on a slippery slope. Before going the way of the hidden cam, I would do some in depth investigating first.

Frequent visiting and close watching of not only your mothers care but how do other patience look. Visit at various times and unannounced. Get to know other residents and their family members.

Find out how many new care givers there are and how often is the staff turnover rate.

Review the rules and ask questions. If the staff knows your watching, they will be on their best behavior when caring for your loved ones.

If you suspect problems, keep notes of times, dates and conditions and who is on staff.

Do not set "traps" or temptations for staff to steal money or valuables. That's entrapment and could land you in legal jeopardy.

If your mother or loved one decides for herself to want a cam in the room (such as a computer camera), then I would say there is no problem. But it must be clear that she decides on its placement. This can also be beneficial for visiting "on-line" by using Skype or similar programs.
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