Planning to upgrade my alarm system


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Planning to upgrade my alarm system

Iím planning to upgrade my security system at home. Currently, I only have a traditional burglar alarm protecting me. I was thinking of getting additional protection but I donít really know what security products I should get. I tried to go shopping the other day but there were so many choices, I couldnít decide on the spot. I donít just want to get everything on the shelf. I want to get products that could coordinate with each other to give me the best security possible.

I need your suggestions. Would a burglar alarm + motion detectors + surveillance cameras be a good combination? What products do you have in your home security system?
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My opinion is that you should always start with the perimeter, first. Motions in critical paths or locations that are likely targets come next. If you have large glass expanses at very accessible areas, acoustic glass breaks aren't a bad idea.

Video is really a separate system (despite the hyped marketing by the mass market installers). The ones they try to sell people on are typically IP camera systems that can be viewed remotely. If your needs are minor, you create much the same configuration using the network cameras that companies like Dlink and Linksys sell. With video, price generally has a strong correlation to video quality, and usability. Just remember, IP cameras are much more expensive than analog cameras ported to a DVR, so if you need more than a couple of cameras, the price may break in favor of a central DVR.

There are ways to interlink some types of DVRs to security systems to make the video system shift it's focus to specific camera location, but stuff like that is really more of a "commercial" configuration.
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Well the combination of alarm,motion detectors and surveillance cameras would be better. But in my opinion if you will try for Logitech Alert 750e Outdoor Master System, it will be good for both indoor and outdoors. Although expensive but very useful in terms of security.
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My belief is that the outdoor sign is the single most effective security product.

Let it be known that the job of the security system is not to prevent break-ins but, to get the perps out as quickly as possible. If someone really wants to break in, they will. Make your house less 'appealing' than your neighbor.

I would recommend a good quality safe bolted to the house. Lock up everything of value whenever you are away from the house.

I would also recommend smoke and/or heat detectors. If someone breaks in you at least still have a house -- If the house catches fire, you may be homeless.

Have a nearby neighbor who is willing to 'check things out' if the alarm sounds.

A medium-sized dog is good to have, too.

Lot's of little things you can do so as not to attract attention to your home or to make getting in more time-cosuming.

Your local police department may have someone that can stop by to give you suggestions.
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With the exception of the dog (I don't much care for dogs) I agree with everything that tpring wrote. Make it semi-obvious that you have an alarm system, yard sign and window stickers and most burglars will move on to easier targets.

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