DSC PC1616 - mainly N.C. loops but a single N.O. loop possible?


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DSC PC1616 - mainly N.C. loops but a single N.O. loop possible?

I tried to wire PGM2 as Normally Open input with EOLR per page 4, section 1.6 illustration, but no joy. I had the 10 ohm resistor inline with the N.O. Switch, and a 2.2K ohm EOLR across the AUX+ and PGM2 terminals, parallel to the switch/10-ohm loop.

PGM2 set to type 24 input zone = 24 hr audible

[013] settings are at mark 1 is on = NC loops which is working fine for all the hardwired zone loops.

I tried changing [013] to 1 = off = NO loops and 2= off = SEOLR config but... not better.

Is there no way at all to have a single N.O. type loop? I'd have to replace two panic switches or 8-10 door and window switches to make then all the same flavor.

page 4, section 1.6 illustration for PGM1 as an input-
Why would they show TEN ohms for a circuit series resistor- does that not allow 1.2 amps with 12V driving it, into a terminal rated at 0.3A [300mA]??

Also, is this a typo?
The illustration says the parallel EOLR across AUX+ to PGM2 is to be

I have heard of 1K resistors, but never "2K2"
Does that mean 2.2K ohms, as seen in the lower left illustration of that diagram, where a 2-wire smoke detector is shown wired to AUX+ and PGM2 ???
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YES. it is 2.2k

and there should have been -1- included.

if you wire it as shown, it should work

if your doing it on a zone input. you only use a 5.6k
you also need section 013, option 1 OFF, this is for EOLR being used.
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Evidently I had it hooked up or programmed incorrectly.

I re-checked the wiring:
(1) 2200 ohm across AUX+ to PGM2
PGM2 programmed as type 24 = 24 hr monitored N.O.
10 ohm in line with N.O. (switches in parallel) which circuit parallels the 2.2k from AUX+ to PGM2. So, normally, the circuit has 2200 ohms then it drops to nearly 0 ohms when triggered.

Tested it yesterday, it worked. Set off the screamer even though the alarm was not armed.

Pretty sure the motion detector is now happy on Zone 7.

The 5500 alpha keypad is indispensable.
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N.O. Panic button was successfully installed to PGM2

*almost* per the Installer's Guide illustration for PGM wiring, where it shows the N.O. pushbutton switch across the AUX+ and PGM2 terminals, inline with a 10 ohm 1/4W resistor, and with a 2.2k resistor in parallel to the Resistor-Switch circuit from AUX+ to PGM2.


there was no room within the Emergency Switch for the 1/4 watt resistor, and I was concerned that the TEN ohms resistor at 12V would allow, per Ohm's Law, 12/10 = 1.2 amps [aka 1200 mA] of current into the *300mA* rated PGM2 terminal.

Therefore I changed the wiring as follows:

The tiny 2.2K EOLR was placed within the Panic Switch, and serves therefore to monitor the wiring from system all the way to the button. The current limiting resistor was changed to ONE HUNDRED ohms and placed at the system panel, so that any or all panic switches can be pressed and it will still flow only 12V/100 Ohms = 120 mA into the PGM2 terminal.

Tested and works perfectly.
The N.O. Switch basically shorts across the 2200 ohm resistor and presents instead a 10 Ohm [factory illustration] or 100 Ohm [my installation] connection from AUX+ to PGM2.

The only differences:
1) In the stable, switch open, "no problem" mode, the factory configuration shows 2200 ohms to the panel; in my configuration, the "no problem" mode shows 2300 ohms to the panel. This is well within the 10% tolerance of the average resistor anyhow. It's under 5%, in fact.

2) In "PANIC" mode, the factory configuration shows TEN Ohms to the panel, which allows 1200 mA into the PGM2 terminal, in violation of the manual's own limit of 300 mA for that terminal. My setup shows ONE HUNDRED Ohms to the panel when the button is pressed, which allows 120 mA- well under the 300 mA limit specified.

More evidence that the Installer's Guide was written by dolts.
Honestly, "2K2" resistor? Who uses that? Never in any of my electronics classes. "2.2k" or "2200 Ohms" are acceptable.

All other wired zone circuits are NC, and option 1 of section [013] is "on" accordingly.

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