DSC PC1616 wireless not having effect?


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DSC PC1616 wireless not having effect?

DSC pc1616
now pretty well operational.
I have tested the wireless and seen it work, zone 7, defined as type 05
placement test 904 said all is good.

Last night I did a walk thru ck and tested each hardwired switch, all OK.

Armed for AWAY.
Opened door and pretended to leave.
Watched it arm in AWAY mode
So, MD zone 07 [type 05 = stay/away of course] should be active. "Bypass" is not displayed on the RFK5501 pad.

I walk in front of the MD, and if done enough, the pad says "open" [assuming it means zone 07, the MD]....


It just merrily lets the MD be "open" all it wants.
I even further tested it by leaving it armed AWAY for a long time- 1/2 hr or more- with lots of folks walking in front of the MD and triggering it.

I just tested it AGAIN thursday night 6/20, and the only way I could even get it to register any problem while AWAY armed was to "tamper" the MD off its mtg plate. THEN there's an alarm.

I have ck'd all the Definitions for zone 07, all the toggle settings in [107], etc.

to wit:
[001] 01 02 05 02 16 00 05 ...... with Zone 07 at type "05" = Stay/Away

[018] ----56-8 (6 on = cross zone enabled for all zones)

[107] 12-456789 (attributes for zone 07; 1 on means MD active during AWAY only, right?)
My rewording of their attributes descriptions:
1 ON: Alarms are AUDIBLE- Bell is sounded; OFF: Silent sneaky
2 ON: Bell is steady [burglary]; OFF: pulsed [Fire]
3 ON violation or restoral generates a chime; OFF: no chime
4 ON: user can bypass the zone manually
5 OFF: Zone must be secured before arming
6 - Swinger Shutdown Enabled
7- ON: not a FIRE zone; OFF: immediate reporting- Fire for example.
8- ON: THIS ZONE IS WIRELESS; OFF: hardwired zone
9- ON: Cross Zone feature participation. OFF: stand-alone zone

[201] has 1-------- which turns on partition 1, right?

[202] 12345-7- which activates these zones in Partition 1, right?

[320] reporting codes are just nonzero data: 01 02 03.... on up way past 07.

Is it because I have CROSS ZONE on- so it HAS TO have more than 1 Cross Zone violated to consider it an alarm? I understood that feature to mean that ANY ONE zone was considered an alarm, but if you got more than one within the timer period, then it ignored all delays and started calling monitoring station or your favorite phone number right away.

Can anyone explain in simple terms when one might want to use, and when not to use, Cross Zones?


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read ALL of the paper that came with the motion detector- you will read about transmissions being shut down after so many trips to help with battery drain. so it may go into that shut down period during your tests. it also has a slight delay of like 5 seconds before sending the wireless signal- it explains that in the paper work supplied also.

the programming looks all correct.

[107] 12-456789 (attributes for zone 07; 1 on means MD active during AWAY only, right?)

the "1" on means its NOT silent. has nothing to do with away

the cross zone feature is set to send another signal (police zone) to the central station letting them know that more than 1 zone has been violated within a set amount of time [176]
it does not determain if a signal or call is sent for each of the zones
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I now about the 6s delay to transmit

I have read every word of the install guide several times, so what more can I do there?

It still TESTS perfectly with [904 [07]
then works exactly ONE time in "for real" mode
then never again

To reiterate, I have tested it for well over a half hour in AWAY mode, with people moving about the house, and the alarm never, ever considered that "a problem", though "open" did appear on the POS 5501 keypad when the motion detector should have and did send a signal.

Out of desperation, I have again defaulted the entire system with all options

[993] [IC] [993]

thru [999] [IC] [999]

One step short of a hardwired reset.

Then I powered down and unwired all keypads AT THE SYSTEM BOARD and ran a new NON-shielded wire to *one* PK5500 pad at the table so I can sit down to re-enter all the data.

So far I have the date re-set and we'll see how it likes all new data.
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It likes the default reset and all new data better.

But, while I was at it, I undid ALL the "cross zone" active setting #9's.

Seems to work as it should now

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