Help with Vista10se protection 1 alarm system


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Help with Vista10se protection 1 alarm system

Well not sure what I did, my friend got a house and the alarm did not have the code, so I used the 4111 code to try and get back in from the forums I was just pushing button like 4111 + 8+0, the lights were blinking red and green, finally after I dont know what due to beer, I think I manage to set the code to 3525 I think, so I punched that in and boom the alarm went green and said ready, then I punched in 3525 and bam it armed itself, LOL now im up the creek the light is red and armed, it seems the 3525 code armed it, but now using the same code it will not disarm the unit, we tried unplugging the battery and shutting off the power to the house, but when we turn it back on the system just arms itself and the all the alarms go off, I finally had to rip the keypad off the wall and disable the keypad, please can someone tell me how to disarm the unit, have no manual or paper work on this unit, home was bought as a fore closesure. I figure since I was able to get it to ready mode then arm it, so I assume its not bricked, thanks for any help.
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Installer manual:

After you reconnect all of the stuff that you disconnected; if you use the # + * within 50sec of restoring power (see the FAQ sticky at the top of this forum, and it's also detailed in the manual), you will jump into programming.

Once in programming, press #20 to read back the current installer code, then exit programming with *99. Hopefully, you didn't scramble up too much stuff when you fumbled your way into programming before.

Once out of programming, the system should be disarmed.

then you can use the installer code to program a proper master user code:
[installer code] + 8 + 2 + [new master code]
Do this in a smooth entry without hesitating more than a second or two between keystrokes or the new code won't take.

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