Installing a totally new system in an all concrete house.


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Installing a totally new system in an all concrete house.


In Florida we had an Ademco Vista 20P system which was both wired and wireless. We had hollow walls and baseboards and it was easy to hide wires. I set the system up myself - with the help of this forum.

Now we live in Mexico in an all concrete house. The walls are 6-8 inch solid concrete, roughly 3300 sq ft, 2 stories. We live in a gated community. That is the only security.

So - the Vista system was nice and easy to work with - and I am not really electrically inclined. I know that a wired system is preferable to a wireless system when possible but - what system would you use in a house like I described ? What is the best, totally wireless system which would include door openings, window openings, a few glass breaks, 2 keypads, maybe a motion detector ? No monitoring - just a nice loud alarm.

Thanks for your help.
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Coming into an already constructed all concrete structure; pretty much all you can do is wireless devices, and run the minimal wiring you need for keypads, sirens and power in wiremold if needed.

Since you already know Vista hardware, I'd stick with that brand family.
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DMP XTL--two way wireless, wireless keypads (need transformer, but work well on nightstands and such) and wireless sirens.
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Only other option that I can think of is to put in hard conduit up at the upper corner where the ceiling and wall meets, and to cover it with a crown molding. You'd have to core through the walls wherever you need to go from room to room, and you'd probably have to core up from the door and window openings up to the crown molding area to finish it off so that it's not massive obvious. You may be able to get away with using any spaces for HVAC ducting to also help get the wire around, but that might not help very much.

In your shoes, if I did choose to hard-pipe everything and to do this much coring, I'd also go ahead and install a bunch of other low-voltage cabling for other uses, like a sound system, coax and HDMI, and possibly even an internal phone system or intercom system. Still probably best to run only the security system in its own conduit though, or maybe to add some kind of fire alarm as well.

But wireless is probably a lot easier.

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