Will Magic Jack work with X-10 autodialer alarm?


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Will Magic Jack work with X-10 autodialer alarm?

Hi - I'm new to the forum and see there are a lot of advanced techs who can easily talk over my head! I hope some of you can answer my question so I can understand!

I want to abandon my landline because rates have gone up here. I've read all I can find about Magic Jack+ as not being suitable for monitored alarm systems, which I don't have.

Instead, I have an older X-10 (from Radio Shack) autodialer alarm, which phones 3 numbers if someone breaks in. It is powered by 110V and has a 9V backup battery and just plugs into a phone outlet. Works great and is enough for my modest security wants.

Does anyone know whether it will work with Magic Jack+ ?

Many thanks for any help!
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MagicJack is a Voip (Voice over Internet Protocol) device and it should work okay for an autodialer that sends voice messages. Understand though that VoIP is highly dependent upon the Quality of Service offered by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and may not always work.

What this means is that you should NOT depend upon MagicJack to alert you in a life-safety situation.
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Furd - That's really helpful information which I didn't know. I don't depend on the alarm dialer for life-or-death situations, but appreciate your pointing this out.

If you're familiar with Magic Jack+, could I ask you what your experience has been with it? For example, does it tend usually to provide good quality voice reception and transmission for regular telephone calls? I have a good broadband service that has been very reliable.

Thanks a million for your suggestions!
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I had a family member that had magic jack + on cable. The call quality was usually adequate but it never did match the quality of a dedicated phone line.
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PJmax - Thanks for the heads up about sacrificing sound quality: After your posting, I read a lot of reviews on Amazon about MJ+ and see that a lot of people complain about the poor sound quality (also a lot of complaints about MJ's virtually non-existent customer servicce!).

Although our landline charges have gone up, I think for now we'll just continue with it.

It's been helpful to get some advice from the forum. Many thanks!

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