Thanks, and quick DSC ?


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Thanks, and quick DSC ?

First off THANKS to RonFL and others for insight and explanations of confusing details...

DSC1600 stand-alone [unmonitored] system now works pretty well
wireless smokes are a great bonus. Wireless indoor or anywhere really PIR unit works or can be ignored.

One quick question arises....
To leave house "stay" armed to protect the sleepers when I leave, it looks like the only good way to do that is to press STAY for 2 sec, then while the exit delay is active, which normally changes the system to AWAY armed when you use the door.... 'cause, you LEFT, right?....

anyhow, it looks like before leaving, the QUICK EXIT will allow exactly one egress after which the system immediately enters ARMED STAY mode, properly protecting the remaining residents.

Is there another way to leave via the door and immediately cause the alarm to enter ARMED STAY mode, w/o this 2 step process?
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"Quick Exit: When armed, press[*][0] to activate Quick Exit. The system will allow a single zone programmed as Delay to be violated
once during the following 2 minute time period without changing the status of the system."

You can do it with the key command as well as by holding the function key.
Full alpha keypads default to *0 on the 5th function key. You can always remap any of the function keys that you don't otherwise use to send this command.
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*0 arms the system - easy so anyone can arm it anytime
then if you leave, it arms.... in AWAY mode, 'cause you left...

Back to, the only way to get it armed in STAY mode, with someone leaving right now, but others staying, is:

STAY ARM button 2 sec until activated
then QUICK EXIT 2s until activated

then leave
then it arms properly in STAY mode and the remaining residents don't set off the alarm via the PIR motion detector.
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I have to do this every morning when I leave.

I keep it simple for anyone else who might need to do this. Just enter your code to disarm, then hold the STAY button for 2 seconds, open door, leave, enjoy your day. System automatically arms in STAY mode when exit delay timer runs out.
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