Need help for DSC PC5010 please


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Question Need help for DSC PC5010 please

Hi all,

I bought a house with pre-install DSC PowerSeries 433 in here.
The beeping and alarm noise is killing me recently so I googled about it and got to sign up to this forum.

I read the previous posts and got to where to find out my installed model, which is PC5010. I believe it is a 10 years old model, I got the manual but no access password from previous owner or installer code. Manual said default installer code is 5010. I tried Mr Ron method mentioned about to try to "access" the alarm system... but couldn't stop the noise.

All I want to do is to disable the alarm completely please. I lived with 3 roommates and all of us are working different shifts. Really we always have an adult or 2 at home and there is no need of alarm or monitoring service. We decided not to pay of the monthly service.

Yes, we all think we are good with technology so we all randomly threw in a bunch of 4 digit codes for a lot of time. If the system is smart enough count how many "false code" we entered... probably a lot, lol.

Please, anything we can do to give us a good night sleep will be appreciated.

Thank you in advance
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Open the metal main board enclosure.
Unplug the battery
Take the wire off of terminal #1 and wrap it in electrical tape.

System is now powered down.
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Thank you Mr Ron

Just another noob question please
There are 3 physical gadgets to my question: 1) DSC monitor in my mud room, 2) DSC main panel (with battery) beside my electrical panel in the basement, 3) the installed alarm (the gadget that make the loud sound
I physical dis-assembled the alarm because we ran out of better ideas. I think this alarm is also link to my carbon monoxide detector/ smoke detector.
My question is that if I use your method to disable the DSC main panel, my DSC monitor should also be disabled, right? and I should put my alarm back together so my smoke detector will sound if some smoke should trigger it, right?

Thank you again for all your input
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more about your reply Mr Ron,

I unplugged the battery already
However the entire wiring diagram has no label/ indicator for Terminal #1.
I am guessing you are calling those slots for smaller wires as "terminal"
First 2 from the left are labeled for AC
yellow and red wire in the first slot from the left
green and black in the second slot.
Both slots are labeled AC

Then 3rd and 4th slots are labeled AUX
I am guessing it is then the terminal #2

Then 5th and 6th slots are labeled Bell
I am guessing this 3rd terminal is to wire for the bell... and so on

Please confirm before I did something wrong... and I'll also re-assemble my actual alarm gadget. Another thing is bothering me is that my smoke detector is also hard-wired... not sure if I "unplugged" the DSC system would that also disable my smoke detector please?

Please let me know before I put my roommates at risk

Thank you
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just pull out the far left wires in the terminal labeled ac. unplug battery and system is shut off completely. as for the smokes, pull down the smoke detector. if it has a red, black, yellow and green wire attached, it will be part of the alarm system. if it has much thicker wires (like those of the house wiring) it should be part of the main house wiring.
if your still unsure, unplug the alarm, and push the test buttons on the smoke detectors. if they still sound, they should still work. releasing the test buttons should silence the smoke detectors in 2 seconds or so.
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Thank you Alarmdude,

I pulled out and checked the wiring of my smoke detector and tested it as well.
It is separate from the DSC alarm that I disabled/ unplugged.
Can't thank enough for my quiet nights without those beeps or false alarm.

Thank you again Mr Ron and Alarmdude

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