DSC 1616 - STAY mode feature?


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DSC 1616 - STAY mode feature?

Finally got this system more or less whipped in to shape
One thing that bugs me
In STAY mode, certain zones are bypassed- interior motion detector and one door.

So, I punch the STAY button, and it starts the exit delay, sure.
But if the door is open, the system will not arm
The one door that is to be ignored anyhow since we are entering STAY mode.

It's as if the alarm intends to enter AWAY mode if/when an exit zone is activated during the setting period. Even though I just told it 'twas time for STAY to start.

Speaking of which isn't there a way to just enter STAY mode right now, instantly, w/o waiting for any sort of exit to occur?

*0 just does the same thing that pressing the STAY button does.
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You need to program the points for which ones you want to bypass in stay mode.
Usually just the motions.

I'm pretty sure when you set the alarm in STAY mode..... all zones need to be secured and then you need to open a delay door momentarily during the countdown process.
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I know the zones to be ignored must be thusly programmed, and they are.

However, the alarm sees the one door [basement] open, which it SHOULD be preparing to ignore, what with STAY mode being asked for.... and refuses to arm, until the basement door is closed.

And, I don't want to have to open an exit door to cancel the countdown and get into STAY mode immediately, I want to hit one button and instantly be set in STAY mode, even if the [ignored] basement door is open.

So, I am gathering that what I want is just not a feature of this system, and I must live with
1) securing the basement door before ANY arming of the system
2) "exit delay" will take place whether you like it or not, unless you pretend to leave, in which case it thinks you left, and enters AWAY mode.

Or, what happens when one must leave some people in the house- hit STAY, then QUICK EXIT, then exit- violating the entry/exit door then cancels the delay, and the alarm immediately goes into STAY mode.
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If this door is alone on it's zone, you can turn on the force arm bit in the zone attribute location for the zone you are wanting to work around. That would allow you to arm with the door open. Should the door be closed, later, after arming, it would then be armed with the system.

With _all_ modern alarm systems, no matter what brand, the exit delay countdown runs in all arming modes.
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Thanks, Mr. Ron

superb answer, as usual.
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