thefts but cant catch perpitrator

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thefts but cant catch perpitrator

Hi there Im Aaron a new member.

From this thread..

Im having problems with thefts and break ins.
I have a good feeling whos doing but as you know if you don't have proof it just an alleged idea of who it is.
I have storage unit about a block away and things are mysterly coming up missing.
The samething in our apartment me and wife.
We have neighbor that moved in nearbo us 3 years ago and this is when things started coming up missing.
He served 12 years for B&E,posession of burgular tools and countless theft charges.Hes more or a less a proffesional theif.
Ive tried about everything know from changing the locks and using a security cam which somehow gets defeated at our apartment.
Things that we noticed missing are mainly my tools and I have seen him what looks to be the same tools Ive had come up missing.
Now recently someone has started to vandalise my motorcycle by taking electrical parts and now I just discovered a rubber battery holder.
Im at my wits end and have been wanting to confront him but without resulting in physical violence have not done it.
We cant afford to move and live on a very small fixed income.I had a alarm system but somehow the remotes to arm and disarm have disappeared.
I cant setup booby traps simply cause its against the law and if I lame or injure the person then it comes back on me.
So what do I do?Lost in Port Huron

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The modern day hidden camera is really the way to go and you may have to install more than one in case he searches to remove them. You can also transmit to a secure location so the images you collect will always be there.

You are correct in not confronting the person you suspect, you may be wrong and even if correct you have no proof. In fact even with proof, the local police are the ones to handle it.

Next step is to mark everything you can in some way so as to be able to identify it. Mark them in some unique way and take pictures along with a written description.

The bad part is that if you catch them and the law only slaps them on the wrist, you will have to watch your back forever. Locking things up so they can't be stolen, like a storage facility across town, will end the stealing without conflict.

Talk to the police to see what they recommend. In some cases they will have security systems they can install at your location so they can catch them in the act.

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Are your security cameras wireless so you can watch via your smart phone or home network? If so the person may have hacked your system and can see what the camera sees and knows exactly where they are located.
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Let's start with the basics. What kind of locks are on the apartment & storage unit? Who runs the storage unit?
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Dane there's two different types of wireless cams. There's the standard 2.4GHz transmitter cams that broadcast their signal in the open - these are garbage.

Then there's wireless IP cams, which connect via WiFi, and unless the network is left wide open, it can be just as secure as a wired camera. These are the ones that you can view over a smart phone, and it is pretty unlikely that it has been hacked. I get the impression that this guy is just some meathead thief stealing because he can, not Danny Ocean.

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