Help, some ideas needed for security!


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Help, some ideas needed for security!

So it seems that either someone is targeting my car or I just had a really unlucky spell of getting hit by lightning twice.

One morning, I wake up, go to my car in a lot with other cars parked there and mine is the only one that has some strange construction cement splattered all over the car. However, I must say that the arrangement of the splashes were all uniform which indicates it wasn't someone randomly sprinkling it around my car, but that it came from one giant splash (this seems to indicate it was more accidental than done on purpose). I got it cleaned up. About 2 weeks later, I go to my car and the rear windshield is completely shattered. All the other cars beside me are completely fine. There is a single impact mark which could have been either a rock or perhaps an object like a tire iron. Nothing else was damaged so again, it leads me to believe that it was an accidental impact of some object that just happened to strike my car.

I have a car cam inside however it doesn't have night vision and where my car was parked was completely unlit at night. Since then, I've moved my car now to a lit street lamp. I can see it from my window on the 3rd floor so now I'm thinking of setting up a camera to record during the night (even with the car cam inside the car....i don't think it records all night because of draining the car battery).

I'm going to screw a small clamp into the wall by the window and attached my camcorder (a cheap one) to it and plug it via AC adapter since battery most likely wouldn't last 8 hours straight. I have it set up on LP recording (quality is still high enough to see things clearly) and a 32 gb card in there enough to record 16 hours.

My question though is, are there any other ideas you can give me to set up surveillance whether as a deterrent or something could actually record as evidence? Deterrents are a cheap method that can be effective, but the danger of course is that most deterrents once breached, don't actually record anything. They are usually just fake cctvs or fake signs or fake alarms etc., hence cheap cost but usually effective.

I was wondering if there was any such thing as a motion detection light or lamp that I can affix pointing towards my car. If someone at night were to walk to my car or near it, the lamp would light on. Sometimes that would work well. But I was wondering if there might be a very small portable motion detection light. Not one of those home system ones that require wiring and whatnot.

Also, is there any such device that exists that can remotely alert me if my car is being touched/moved or maybe someone hanging around it? My car has an alarm but the problem I found is that even if the alarm goes off, I can't know about it if I'm far away. I don't believe my car remote pad actually alerts me or does anything to tell me that my car alarm is set off. The remote doesn't have a speaker or an LED indicator or anything. I was wondering what kind of device might be out there that can function like a PAGER and alert me or warn me via vibrate, noise, or lights on a remote even if I'm far away from the car. I guess that's asking for much as the signal strength would have to be something out of a Star Trek novel that could reach as far as a kilometer or more.

How about something for just 50 meters away or less?

Also, even though I have a car cam in the car, as I said, I don't think it record overnight as I haven't been able to record video so far while vehicle is off and parked overnight. Is there some sort of mini camera that has a "motion detection" sensor and would only start recording if the motion sensor is triggered thereby saving battery by not actually recording the whole night if 99% of it is still and no movement? The footage would be 99% of nothing. I would like it to just start recording only if movement around the car is picked up. It would also have to be a standalone camera (separate battery, either Li-ON charged or AA, AAAA, etc). I don't want to have to plug in more things to drain the car battery and possibly get myself stuck in the morning with drained car battery unable to start the engine.

Ideas are welcomed!
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If you have a view of the location from a window, have you considered an IP camera? (such as: Buy Linksys WVC80N WiFi Wireless IP Camera | Free Shipping)

You won't get super detail at that kind of distance, but it sounds like the overview is actually what you are after...
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Thanks for the suggestion. IP camera does sound nice, but I'm hoping to use something that doesn't force me to have to keep my computer on all night to record footage. I liked the idea how it would send an email up to 3 ppl if a motion detection was triggered and then if you were online, you could log into the stream and check it out or start recording.

Since I'll be asleep, I'd like to have it just record without me having to consciously access and do something to begin recording.

If anyone knows of some specific forum that deals just with spy, surveillance, home security, james bond kinda stuff technology, could you direct me to it? Perhaps I could ask in a forum there. I'm looking for some really "outside the box" sort of ideas in using surveillance technology to my benefit. There must be some nifty gadgets out there that can do surveillance with ease and not resort to some extensive home security set up and wiring. I do have some of those spy cams like clock cams or pin hole button cams and things like that (off ebay) but the problem with those are the batteries are very short (1 hour or 1.5 hours max recording) and quality is not the best, also for the most part, they need to be intentionally turned on and off. Some do have a motion detection sensor that only starts recording when motion is detected but its for close range only I believe (10m or less). If there is a high quality device that can do this with 8 hours recording capability on battery power OR pluggable into AC adapter....that would be good also (but that's what I'm doing anyways with a full camcorder).
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