Covered camera or not question


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Covered camera or not question

I have 3 PTZ cameras with the protective dome type cover on them. They all display varying degrees of scratches on the covers around the camera. Some are really hard to view when pointed into the sunlight. It has a prismatic type effect on the picture. I realize it is from the dusty gritty environment they are in and the fact that the guys wipe them off with their dry hands to clean them. My question is two fold.
How to clean up or polish the scratches off the dome cover. I have heard to use the kits for removing the haze on car headlights to refresh the domes. And secondly should I instead purchase the type cameras in the future with no such cover? But would the camera lens itself get scratched and be harder to fix or replace the lens?
I have seen cameras with the same outdoor weather rating that do not have a tinted dome around them. Will these stand up to coal dust and grit blowing on them better than the tinted domes? Maybe I need pictures to show better what I am trying to ask. I will look for some pics while I am waiting for a response.
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First, start smacking the guys that just wipe off the cameras with their hands. Make sure they understand that in spite of the short term benefit they are scratching the dome leading to a expensive repair/replacement. Still, with the best of care I think the domes will end up getting scratched.

There are plastic polishing compounds that can remove scratches. I have used Novus products on various plastics with good results. I would also purchase replacement domes. Put a fresh dome on the camera and polish the scratched one back in a clean shop so you're not in an awkward position trying to polish a globe (not an easy task).

I have seen the rectangular boxes you're probably talking about and I had one long ago. A non-weather rated camera mounted inside and there is often a heater to keep the inside from condensing and a windshield wiper to clear the glass plate. It might be more expensive in a PTZ application since you have a much larger mass to move but it might allow the option of a easily replaceable glass face plate.
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Thanks but smacking is definitely on my to do list. As far as dome to open here are some pics I finally found to show the difference.

As to replacing the dome I have no idea what the name brand is on the cameras to get new domes.
The places on the net I have seen show many sizes but really no way to see where exactly the measurements would be taken to find my size.

The left picture appears to me to be an open camera with no dome but I wonder how easy it would be to scratch.
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