Need Help with NX-8V2 Setup


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Need Help with NX-8V2 Setup


I am a newbie with the NX-8V2 and home security systems in general, but I am technical, so hopefully someone on this forum can point me in the right direction. I bought a house with an NX-8V2 security system installed, and here is where things stand:

5 wired zones, I have zones 1-3 working as expected/desired.

zone 4 (which I believe is 3 motion sensors in the house) says status "okay" and I cannot make them trip.

zone 5 (which I believe is the smoke detectors based on the wiring) says "fault" and does not change.

There was a disconnected nx-448 wireless board that had a broken antenna mount. I re-soldered it on, installed and programmed it, and it is now working with 5 wireless window sensors (zones 9-13).

I also installed an NX-584E with a wiznet serial-ethernet adapter, and it is successfully communicating with my Vera Lite Home automation controller.

I cant figure out why the motion sensor and smoke detector zones are not working as I would expect. When I walk past the motion sensors, I see the red lights go on, but nothing changes on the panel end.

For the smoke detectors, I have a suspicion as to why they are always on "fault." A previous owner of the home removed all of the wired detectors and replaced them with Kidde wireless battery operated detectors. So, they communicate with each other but no central system. So I bought the Kidde model that plugs into the wired network AND communicates with the other wireless units. The idea behind that is that if a wireless unit alarms, then the wired unit receives the alarm and alarms on the wired network as well. My thought is that maybe the fault is because I only have one unit plugged in? Do all the smoke alarm wired ends need to be connected for it to report as "okay"?

I have a working DL900 setup on my laptop, and both the master and installer codes, so I have full access to the security system. Any ideas here? Whatever help you can provide would be GREATLY appreciated!
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More than likely, most of your smoke alarms were never part of the security system wiring. If the hardwired smoke locations all have 120v power, then they aren't part of the alarm system.

What leads you to believe that your system had system wired smokes? Is there a 4 conductor connected to a zone input, and to smoke power and common? Usually, if there is a system smoke connected, it will look substantially different from the residential smoke alarms.

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