Upgrade Vista-20p 6150 control panel to 6160RF


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Upgrade Vista-20p 6150 control panel to 6160RF

Hello all:
The sensor on my front door was damaged when we installed a new door a while back so I thought I would try to replace the old wired sensor with an wireless variety (Honeywell 5816). After doing a lot of reading here and on other sites I learned that a) I have a 6150 control panel and b) it is very hard for a novice to program. I don't believe it is an RF variety however since I don't have any wireless sensors. So I want to upgrade to a 6160RF.

I've read that upgrading from a 6150 to a 6160 is usually very straightforward - just wire in the new panel exactly like the old panel. However before I spend the $$ on the new panel I'm wondering if the RF aspect adds any complications.

Any advice greatly appreciated.
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Can't hurt to check:
Pop the 6150 off of the wall and see if it has six terminals on the back and chrome "rails" around the edge.
If it does then you have an RF keypad; if not, then are there two antennae at the metal enclosure?
If so then, you do not need 6160RF [just a 6160]; if not, you probably do.

You must address any new keypad.

If there is a way to get at the old wiring and just replace the sensor, I would recommend doing that.
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Apologies, I posted that question right before I left on a trip and I'm just getting back to the project. There are only 4 terminals and no chrome rails inside. No antenna's in control panel or main box. So I think we've established that it is the 6150 without RF.

The door jamb was rebuilt and finding the wiring would be difficult. I'd also like to be able to add other RF sensors later on.

So is this more complicated than just removing the 6150 and replacing with the 6160RF? I believe I read that you can do that if upgrading a 6150 to a 6160 (neither RF) but can't find much on going to the RF version.

Much thanks

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Nope, just use the instructions (that come with the new keypad) to set the new keypad to the same address as the old keypad.
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You WILL have to program any new RF zones.
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Thanks for the info guys - figured I would have to program the new RF zones but I have seen some how-to's on that.

I'll give it a shot and post back here with the results

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