Monitor garage doors only Vista 20p


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Monitor garage doors only Vista 20p

I have a Vista 20P and just connected my 2 garage doors to the panel. I am looking only to have the alarm indicate if the door is open. I do not want them to set the alarm off nor do I want them to prevent the alarm from being armed. I found this great post back from 2006 that is exactly what I want to do but it seems that the only difference in my situation is that the zones that I connected the garage doors 2 are doubled.

Here is the post from 2006:

Here is the configuration that worked for the OP in that post:

This is for an ADEMCO Vista 20PS:
In *182 for the configurable zone 90 I set the following:

12, 8, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1, 0, 0, 4 (Remember for the 12, you enter # + 12)

The 12 is a fault in the disarmed mode.
The 8 is for a Vent Zone.
The 1 is to not show faults when armed
The 4 allows chimes in the zone when the chime is set to on.

In *56, Zone programming, I set the following

Zone XX, Zone Type 03, Partition 1, RC 10, IN 2

For the alpha, (I'm using a 6160V), I set 089 Garage, 057 Door, 138 Open

This all appears to be operating really nicely. We know if the doors are open.
I used standard window switches at the top of each overhead door. I used a piece of scape 2x3 to mount the switch spaced off the wall. The standard surface mount switches worked very well.

Hope this helps someone remember to close the garage at nite.
Remember, we only use it for an indication and it has no effect on the alarm functons


When I tried this I was not able to program input type (IN) in *56 because the zone is doubled. At this point my system is a bit out of whack and I hoping someone can help.

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Thanks for the info -- another way to do it is as zone type '12' [monitor zone] may not be exact but, similar in results and a bit quicker.
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Thanks tpring. I am not familiar with monitor zones. Would this make the doors alarm if opened while the system is armed?


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