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DSC Power Series Help


I have just installed a DSC Power series system with wireless receiver but having a few problems.


DSC Power Series PC1864
TR5164-433 (wireless receiver)
WT5500 Keypad
WT4989 (2-way wireless key)
EVS link3 (eyezon) for email/sms alerts
Bell/siren (hardwired)
Sensors (all wireless, door and window contacts, interior sensor)

1. On keypad (WT550), the stay/away buttons ask for a user code (on previous system, Alexor, they activated after holding down without the request for a user code). Is there a way of arming with just holding down the relevant button (function key)

2. In stay armed mode, Bell does not sound instantly upon main door activation (intruder). The keypad highlights an alarm activation but its some time before the bell/siren kicks in. There appears to be a delay before the bell sounds but the keypad is giving a constant tone.

I want to set the system so when we are in the house and have the system armed (night time or late at night), that the bell/siren immediately sounds to alert of an intruder. All other zones do activate immediately, Zones are set to type 3 (instant).

The Door in this case is set to Type 1 (delay 1).

The delay1/delay2/exit are set to 30/30/30 (bell time out 5 mins).

Is there a way of setting AWAY to give the 30 seconds to get in the house and turn off, vice verse for the exit.... but at the same time, when armed in STAY (for in the house or night time) give and instant intruder alert?? Please help.

Problem 3.

Similar to the keypad issue, the wireless key fob will not function properly. it will activate the system, but not unlock via the key fob.

if the system is locked via the keypad or key fob, it will not unlock. if you hold the unlock button down, it will just keep highlighting the arm mode on the key fob display.

Your help would be greatly appreciated. I have been stuck for two days, confused with the manuals.

Thank you in advance.
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Check programming location 015. Option 4 should be turned on for the quick arm buttons to work without a code.

You can arm without the entry delay with *9 + code. You can even reprogram one of the function keys to do this, but that one will always need a code (it's a anti-false alarm feature)

Did you program an access code associated with the keyfob? Without that, the keyfob is considered unidentified and can't disarm. You _can_ disable this feature in programming location 017.

Some of the problem is that some of the more advanced safety features seem to run at odds with the way you _want_ the system to work. You can override these features, to a large part.
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MrRonFL Thank you or your fast rely. All three issues resolved within minutes.

You have saved me hours of frustration. Very thankful.


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