Stuck in Programming Mode on 6150


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Stuck in Programming Mode on Vista 20p / 6150

I'm pretty sure I have an 6150-type keypad. It is stamped with " SA6150AS-VE X013 13"
The keypad itself has the typical 12-button numerical telephone key layout, and it also has some text on specific keys (1=off, 2=away, 3=stay). No alphanumeric labels (no "abc", "def", etc.)

The main panel is stamped with SA5881 on the top (RF?) board. The main board is stamped with SAVS20P5, so again I'm guessing this is Vista 20?

I was trying to add a wireless keyfob to my system, but I never got far enough to even involve the keyfob itself....

I watched a few instruction videos, and they kept using 4112-800 code to activate programming mode, but this did not seem to have any effect on my system. So I did a little more research, and found another code 6321-800.
As soon as I input that code it started responding.

I honestly can't remember what I pushed after that. I don't think I pushed anything else intentionally, but somehow I am now stuck in some kind of mode I can't get out of...

Its displaying two digits on the left, and "No AC" in the top right.
If I push a key on the keypad it will change the two-digit number. Ex: If I type 4-4, it will read "44". No matter what I do, the only thing that seems to happen, is that the two-digit number changes. It doesn't seem to advance to another menu, or register any changes.

I have tried *99, but this doesn't do anything, besides changing the number displayed to "99."

I've probably pushed hundreds of different numbers by now, so god knows what kind of settings I have inadvertently reset in my system...

Can anyone help me with an "Escape" code that will cancel whatever mode I am in and get my system back to normal operation?

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Crisis Averted

I ended up power-cycling the entire system by unplugging the transformer and the battery for a few mins. When it came back to life it reverted to normal mode.

System seems fully functional, but I will have to ask the monitoring company to test and make sure.

Unfortunately I have still not been able to program the remote...

Went through all of the steps, in normal and expert mode, and neither ended up working. The system registered my commands, including the remote inputs, but when I finish up and go back to normal operation it doesn't react to any remote inputs?

Oh well, that is a question for a different thread, and is probably covered in FAQs anyways.
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You aren't going to be able to add a keyfob with a 6150 keypad. It doesn't display the menu mode programming needed to do this. You need a 6160 keypad to do this (and the programming manual)

There are probably people swearing that they can "blind" program one of these Vista panels, but even people very familiar with the Vista programming wouldn't try a keyfob. Too many steps involved without the menu.

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