PC1864 Communication error

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PC1864 Communication error

System is connected to regular telephone monitoring.

Armed in stay - signal received by monitoring

3 minutes, keypad beeping with COMMUNICATION trouble.....

Disarmed - signal received, trouble light remains.

Today, arm / disarm - both signals received by monitoring, however trouble COMMUNICATION light persists...

I thought that a successful subsequent transmission would reset warning? Does that 'resetting' transmission need to be an alarm, or should opening/closing reset the trouble?

Any suggestions for trouble shooting..... when it displays COMMUNICATION on 5100 keypad, the * button does not give any more information..

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I'm not real familiar with your alarm as I mostly work in the commercial/high end field with Bosch.

I know with our residential customers.... an open and closing report (arm and disarm) are not sent to the central station as that costs extra in monitoring fees.

Have you actually sent any alarms to the central station ? Is so... did it register correctly ?
If no alarms have been sent.... put the system on test with the central station and send an alarm to them for verification.
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This fault shows up when the system is not getting the communication acknowledgement signal ("Kiss-off") from the monitoring receiver, so they are apparently getting your signal, but your alarm dialer isn't getting the signal back that it expects. Very often, this is not an _alarm_ problem, but a _receiver_ or phone line problem (broadband derived "phone lines" are notorious for this).

Are you _sure_ that there aren't any additional phone numbers programmed into the system that _don't_ go to the monitoring receiver? Could you be sending the wrong communicator format? Did this system communicate normally in the past?

Unless you have inadvertently altered something odd in the programming, (changing settings in areas marked in the programming form as being "for future use" can have some strange effects) there's really not a lot of programming settings that affect this.
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Fault fixed. We have a new number for monitoring. Changed it in number 1 spot, but had old number in number 2. Removed #2, power cycle, no issue now.

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