Re-Program Ademco 4110XM Questions

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Re-Program Ademco 4110XM Questions

I have a First Alert Alarm system which was installed in my office back in 1995. Through cross-referencing I have discovered it is really an Ademco 4110XM.

We work in a small town and as the years went by the companies who serviced it were either bought out or went out of business so there is no one left we can call for help.

The system has 11 zones --half of which are wired while the other half are wireless.

Okay- here is the problem:

Some of the wireless sensors have gone out through the years with no way to replace them.
Neither did we really want to.
The office is now covered on every window and door with either burglar bars or storm shutters making the need of an alarm no longer really necessary.

But what we do like is the fact the office still ďappearsĒ to have a working alarm and more importantly the chime which dings whenever the front or two back doors are opened.

The problem is as parts have gone out and I have bypassed them I now appear to have reached a point the system canít bypass the number of things I need it to ignore.

Plus- every time it rains the phone tamper goes off and if I take the batteries out of the window break modules it dings warning me it canít find them.

What I want is to program out everything that no longer works or is unnecessary leaving only the two back doors which are hardwired, the front door which is wireless, the outside horn, hall motion sensor which is hardwired, and two hardwired windows.

Actually with the exception of the phone tamper, everything else I want to get rid of is wireless.

This will allow it to be a trouble free door chime and still give me a minimal alarm system if I every want to arm it.

The alarm hasnít been armed or had a monitoring service in at least ten years and never will again.

I have the Master List from when it was originally installed and I have read every install manual and anything else I could find to show me how to reprogram the alarm and to be honest everything I have read is a little cryptic.

It is informative but not to a point I think I really know what I am doing.

If this is possible I would appreciate someone either explaining how or pointing me to the appropriate links with enough information for me to figure it out myself.

In summary:

What I want to keep:
1) Two back door contacts Ė hard wired
2) 2 windows- hardwired
3) Hall motion sensor- hard wired
4) Outside horn- hardwired
5) Front door- wireless

What I want to get rid of
1) 4 glass break sensors- wireless
2) 1 window sensor- wireless
3) phone tamper mechanism and disconnect alarm entirely from office phone line.

Thanks a lot.
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First, you'll need an alpha KP. If this system will accept it. I know of a system out there that won't. I think it's a via 30 or something. Can you put an alpha on this?
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I scanned google, and I think it's a non alpha deal. I don't know this system well enough to walk you through it, sorry.
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You don't need an Alpha keypad to program zones in this system. The 4110XM was one of simplest systems ever to program, but you DO need an Installation manual. I loved this panel back in the day, and there are a lot of them out there still working. (And btw, you can get replacement parts for your system on eBay, if you ever want to.)

It sounds like you've already looked in an Installation manual and found it confusing, so you may need a tech support call. Walking you through the programming won't be difficult. It will go faster if you have the zone numbers you want to delete. Also, know where the control box is and where it's plugged in, just in case we need to power it down.

According to your profile, you're in FL. I live in the Washington DC area, which is the same time zone, so a phone call shouldn't be a problem. (Aside from my croaky voice from a lingering cough that's been nagging me.)
I'm sending you a PM on how to reach me.


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