Swann 720p cameria


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Swann 720p cameria

I just installed a HD swann system with 720p PRO-T850 cameras. Picture looks great till you zoom in anything. Can't even make out a license plate 20' away. All my research indicates I should be able to but I can't figure out how to fix this. I've been through every possible setting on the DVR. Anyone?
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The DVR isn't the problem, it's the camera. Inexpensive cameras have an upper limit to how much digital zoom detail you can get. It's all about the pixels...
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Yes, picture quality is the product of the weakest link in the chain -- Probably the monitor or, could be the cabling/connectors or, the camera.

Try to view it on a smart phone because you will often get the best picture [because of the capabilities of the phone to render very good video quality].
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There are cameras designed to see license plates, they are not cheap...

License Plate Capture Cameras
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Once you've been in the business of installing CCTV cameras and systems for awhile you find that manufacturers are not completely honest about what their equipment can do. They measure their product to standards that they decide will make their product appear better than the competition. Basically you have different manufactures giving you specification with no set standards that they are using as a guide. Try to get a manufacturer to compare their cameras WDR (wide dynamic range) specifications with another manufacturer. All they will say is "ours is better because ......" Same goes for infrared range or backlight control. My rule of thumb and most installers is .... if the camera says it's infrared range is 100 feet. Don't expect anything great over 50 feet ..... and don't tell the customer it will go to 100 feet either.

In answer to your question ..... if professional CCTV manufacturers give vague specifications to professional installers..... a company like Swan that sells primarily to retail customers, who don't have a clue of what 90% of the specifications mean... is not going to provide equipment that will be the hallmark of excellence in performance.

Most installers who actually care if they provide good installations will find a manufacturer by trial and error or by referral from their peers, that generally provides good quality and performing equipment and stick with it.


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