Can I program Ademco system to call a cell phone


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Can I program Ademco system to call a cell phone

I have a ademco 4140XMP installed in 1993 i have a majic jack phone connected to a modem i have cancelled monitoring 3 years ago is it possible to have it call a cell phone
also i have a issue with two zones open i connect the wires going to the window and the chime beeps i disconnect the wires and the panes chime feature beeps
like something is wrong resistor issue or something either twist wires together or un twist them still open zone and i cut the wires closest to the panel as possible
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Short answer is, "No": Your 4140XMP can't call your cell phone. For a longer answer, look at the pinned thread,

Which zones (zone numbers) are you having trouble with? On the 4140XMP, it can make a difference. The more information you give us to begin with, the faster the troubleshooting can go. How many windows are on each zone?

I assume you're connecting (shorting) the wires to the window at the control panel? It sounds like the zones are programmed for an EOLR (End-of-Line Resistor), so shorting the zone loop at the panel will fault the zone the same as opening the window.

Do you know where the EOLRs are? If they're not at the panel, then they may be at the last window contact on each zone, usually the farthest window from the 4140XMP control panel.

The most common cause of window problems is missing magnets, or misalignment of magnets to sensors. Make sure your windows on those two zones all have their magnets in place, and that they are exactly in line with their paired contacts.
If that's confusing or you can't find the sensors, tell me what kind of windows are on those zones: Wood/vinyl/metal double-hung, casement, slider, etc.

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