Camera facing home

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Camera facing home


mine is a standard single family house (50x100 lot) with about 20ft of front yard space. I plan to put cameras on the left and right side of the structure so that i can get a view on the yard as well as focus on the front door. I also have a pole at the front of the yard just before the sidewalk and it will get a very good angle on the house but will catch people's back as they walk towards the front door. It will also see the 2nd floor windows (but nobody really breaks in from the front windows). is there any advantage to using this 3rd camera or not much and simply redundant?

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I doubt that many neighborhoods have issues like the one about 5 miles from me. They ended up in court because the camera from one house could also see people coming and going from the neighbors. What it boiled down to was the sense of being spied on all the time, just knowing THAT camera across the street was always watching. The court ruled in favor of the neighbor being spied upon and ordered the one with the camera to remove it.

It is hard to give yourself 100% security while maintaining 100% privacy for those around you. How you balance that will be your call.

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Thieves will steal cameras... So it is a good idea to have one camera looking at other cameras. Then whichever camera they mess with, the other camera gets them.

So if no other use for the 3rd camera, point it at the other cameras.

So far as the legality of pointing cameras at other people's homes (don't know why that was mentioned?), there are different laws depending on which state you are in. TV Reporters have gone round and round with this. Here are the facts...
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If you have a driveway it could be helpful to have a camera positioned to record the license plats of vehicles. Keep in mind the sun angles during the day and illuminating the area at night.

Wide camera angles that can see all of a front yard are nice if you monitoring and want to see if anyone's in the yard. You need to make sure though that you can get a clear image of a person's face. Cameras at the corners might not be close enough to get a good shot of a person in the center and the one on the pole probably won't do much other than show where people walked outside.

If you want the outside of your house to be dark IR cameras are fine. IR cameras don't generally provide the best illumination and you get black and white images. They also make it easy to locate cameras and tell if they are powered and working. If you don't want your house dark just install exterior lighting. It will deter thieves and the light helps you see at night. If you are going to power lights that are going to be on all night you might as well get some extra benefit from them. No sense in wasting all that illumination in a wavelength humans can't see especially since all it takes is a digital camera (cell phone) for anyone to see that you have stealth cameras.

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