Security cameras and viewing

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Security cameras and viewing

I have been trying to learn about security cameras and viewing.I am being told that I can view the cameras with a smart phone (android) through my internet.It was my understand that a security system needed access to a server. Can you explain how.I have high speed internet.
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There are cameras specifically intended for viewing via your home's wifi or Internet which makes things easier as they also have an app for your phone. When I got my camera I plugged it into my wireless router with an Ethernet cable to do the initial setup. After that I was free to put it wherever it is within range and the cable is no longer required and the camera can be viewed and controlled by a computer or phone also logged into your home's wifi.

It does not go out onto the Internet unless you specifically set it up to do so. To do that I port forwarded the camera in my routers configuration program. My camera had instructions that walk you through the process step by step so while complicated (for me) I was able to do it in 15 minutes.
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As PD says you can open it to the Internet and usually you have three options. One would be just viewing. Two would control of the view and three would the ability to change setting. You may want to get a pan and tilt cam. I mounted mine under the eves of the garage roof. I also installed one in my basement. For the sake of security I made my outside very visible and known to all my neighbors that its working. I also gave my neighbors the address to view it. I believe that the more people who have access to the cam in my neighborhood the more secure it will be. In other words anybody or everybody may be watching, so keep it nice!
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If you have a system of cameras and a recorder, some manufacturers have a website the system will communicate to and that website can be accessed from any Internet connection.

The Lorex system I installed at the historical museum where I used to volunteer was like that. I could access it from home and scroll through the various cameras in real time or I could review the recordings. There was no charge for this access.

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