z-wave water shut off valve


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z-wave water shut off valve

I have a z-wave water shut off valve being delivered in a couple of days. I will be installing this on my main water line coming into the house. My plan is to have the main water line shut off when I arm the security system in the Away mode (also considering the Night mode while sleeping).

My question is, should I be concerned with the pressure fluctuation? Will this cause any stress on fittings or appliances (1-3 times a day)? I am not sure how much water pressure will remain in the lines and I may consider an additional z-wave valve to drain the pipes out of an external water spigot.

I also ordered several water sensors so I can program the security system to shut off the water if one of them is tripped with the system disarmed.

This is what I am getting,

I posted this question in the Plumbing Forum, but I am not sure if this is a question that a plumber can relate to.
After all, who shuts off the main water valve several times in a day?

Well that would be me...Why? Because I can and I like to have full control of my home with my iPhone

I have a Honewell Vista 20 with every option I can get. Tuxedo keypad with deadbolts, thermostat, GPS tracking on my truck etc...

Does anyone have experience with this product?

Thanks for any input.
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We try to keep a topic contained in a single thread so that duplicate questions and replies aren't needed. I see and responded to your thread in plumbing. Do you have a specific question for the alarm forum ?
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Sorry for the redundant question. Plumbing and Security Systems are quite a different topic.

My thinking is that many in this forum section would not visit the Plumbing forum.

Please delete this, if needed and I will reword my question here.


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