Xfinity security

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Xfinity security

Anyone use them? Wondering how they compare to other security systems. Mainly security cameras. Been thinking about getting at least some cameras installed. I already have them for my cable, internet and phone.
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If their internet & cable are any indication, I would look for someone else. Aside from whom you might use, I feel that it's better to upgrade the physical security first. For example, I would install double cylinder deadbolts & better window locks before a camera system.
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A local air conditioner company near me now installs home generators.
Xfinity is a service provider. Now selling alarm systems and cameras.

I feel a company should stay with their specialty.

Xfinity does have one plus.... they are a complete turnkey supplier. You don't have to shop for cameras, have them installed and programmed for WAN access....they do it all and charge accordingly.

You can get better quality at a good price but the installation is your part.
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Thanks, but I'm not interested to see who's trying to come in, but to keep an eye on what's going on outside during the night. Not interested in installing myself.
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One of my rules of thumb with stuff like this, is when an installer plays cagy with the identity of who actually makes the hardware, it ends up being a setup for ending up with an "orphaned" system where you can't get tech support or replacement parts.

Looking at the few images of the transmitters and cameras Xfinity has on their website; this _looks_ to be the 2-Gig wireless stuff, which I have seen mixed reviews of.

If your needs are simple, these systems will probably fill the bill. The caveat being whether Xfinity is in this line for the long haul. (We saw something similar awhile back when companies like AT&T were selling security systems, then bailed when the market got saturated...)
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Agree wholeheartedly with MrRon on orphaned systems.

If nothing else made AT&T's systems a pig-in-a-poke, their choice of Radio Frequency band for their wireless certainly did. They tried to turn that deficit into a feature, but you can't change physics.
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Also corroborate what MrRon says about the hazard of dealers who play cagey with who makes the hardware.

Outstanding example was Rollins, who used ITI wireless (now GE) equipment, but ordered it slightly modified (different frequency) so standard ITI receivers and transmitters weren't compatible with it. Since ITI's early panels & sensors were entirely wireless, the systems were left orphaned when Rollins bailed out of the alarm business.

Nutone (big name in electrical industry--intercoms, etc) marketed the Moose Z1100 series under their own model numbers. They didn't modify anything that I was aware of, but they bailed out too and whenever someone posts in with a programming question, it's often difficult to determine which Moose version corresponds to the Nutone model--the programming is a little different with each one.

A*T's modifications of Ademco/Honeywell panels isn't a problem but don't get me started on their modifications of Moose and ITI/GE panels. At least the ITI panels could be taken over with a CPU change.

As of AT&T--I could not BELIEVE the 8000 system when I encountered it sometime around '95. It was like Lucent Tech hadn't conferred with anybody about what the current state of the art was. That system was 10 years obsolete when it came off the assembly line, IMHO.

I never did work on the 2nd generation of AT&T equipment (thankfully). Was it any better?

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