DSC PC1864 What is a SIA FAR Installation


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DSC PC1864 What is a SIA FAR Installation

Newbie... Got a DSC system, read all the posts, got it all setup and working great. Thanks.

I don't like the exit delay times. I could not figure out why no matter what I entered it did not seem to change.

Then I found a small note about an SIA FAR CP-01-2000 installation.
The minimum exit delay is 45 (away) and double that for silent (stay)
Yep! That's exactly what I was getting.

If I increase the exit delay numbers past 45, it all works as expected.
Except I want shorter.

What is SIA FAR? It's a standard. Is it a function of the board itself or is there some setting I'm missing that's says "This is an SIA insallation and follow those rules"
Can I turn this off?
I want an exit delay for both away and stay of 30 seconds.
It's a small thing I could live with but I've had fun learning all the little pieces of this and I'm confused by SIA FAR setting.

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The Security Industry Association is always updating the design standards that alarm manufacturers follow in their False Alarm Reduction standards.

I set my customers panels to 60 second exit. 30 seconds might not allow them time to get out. You can change the time to 30 seconds if you want.
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Thanks PJMax.
A little different issue.
The manual makes it sound as if SIA is my choice in programming. i.e. I can program it to meet SIA standards or not.

In the timers section it says,
"After entering Section [005], enter the 2-digit subsection number for the desired partition and program the Entry Delay 1, Entry Delay 2
and Exit Delay for each active partition on the system. Valid entries are from [001] to [255] or [045] to [255] for SIA Installations."

"OR" being the key.

Well, I can certainly set the time to 30 seconds but it has no effect on the exit delay. It still will do 45. If I set it to 50, it does 50.
It lets me set the exit delay time to anything 1 - 255 but when using the system it will only go as low as 45 seconds. It will go above 45 and work.

It's almost like there is a setting somewhere that says "this is an SIA installation" and then it knows what standards it has to use. So it doesn't matter if I have less than 45. It will always use 45 (or higher if I set it higher)

Is there some such setting I'm missing?
The manual sure makes it seem like it's my choice "OR"

Again... Thanks for the help.
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No, they are telling the installing technician that for the installation to meet the SIA specs (usually for insurance purposes), then the installation must conform to that range of settings. It's not a thing where flipping a switch, or turning on a programming option automatically makes all of the settings conform.

Some brands (notably DSC and Honeywell) do make models versions that come hardware/firmware set to conform to SIA standards out of the box.

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