DSC PC1832 - using different partions using 1 keypad


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DSC PC1832 - using different partions using 1 keypad

hi people,
i have a DSC PC1832
what i want to do it use the function keys to select different partitions, which will basically work as different modes.

like instead of arming and disarming the whole systems, i am going to arm/disarm specific zones, like my just my bedroom.

what i've done so far:

i have made bottom two functions keys as keys for partion 2 and 3 using [000].

i have enabled partitions using[201]

i have assigned zones to each partition using [210] and [218]

now the problems:

the biggest problem is it's not working!

none of the partions are working including partition 1(system)

after selecting a partion, the zones do not show open or closed, the 'tick' led always glows(although it chimes when a zone is opend).

and after selectin a partition and arming, it goes disarmed after some time.

please help because im not getting a proper support from the vendor.

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Before you tried to partition, did all of the zones work correctly?

Reference manual: http://www.mainelectronics.com/pdf/r...832_PC1864.pdf
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First, did you assign the keypad to a partition (preferably the main)

Second if you're going to get into multiple partitions you will probably find it easier to upgrade your keypad so it's a bit more partition friendly.

I have the PTK 5507 which has its own window for partition status and changing. You can label the partitions as well. I'm only on one partition right now but this will give an idea of what it's about>


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