Reprogramming PC1555 after a reset


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Reprogramming PC1555 after a reset

I have read through several posts regarding the PC1555 and I haven't seen anything that specifically addresses this issue (although it may be buried in a thread somewhere). I had to do a hardware reset on my system so that I could make changes to it (no installer or master codes recorded when I purchased the home 3 years ago) and now I need some direction on the next steps.

I have the keypads accepting the codes because I can use the *8 option and get into the program mode. I have set the time on the system so I am fairly confident the keypads are working. What I haven't been able to determine, either by reading these threads or reading the manual, are the steps necessary to get a minimum configuration set up. I have a PC1555MX 50/300 board in a DSC Power632 case. There are two keypads: PC5508Z and a PC5516Z. At this point both keypads show all 6 zone lights on and the trouble light on.

*2 indicates that 1,3 trouble conditions are recorded. I don't have a telephone connection so that seems to make sense. I just don't know why all the lights are on. I tried assigning the zone definitions and they seemed to "take" but the lights are still on.

So, my question is, what is the sequence of steps needed to get this thing reconfigured? I have the manual which tells me how to do each step, it just doesn't get specific about which things to do first. The installation instructions say that "The Programming Worksheets should be filled out completely before
attempting to program the system." Except most of what is on those sheets doesn't apply to the system I have.

The written zone descriptions on the keypads correctly correspond to the zones that are wired. There are 13 zones total. The first 8 zones on BOTH keypads seem to be the same zone, are they "shared"?

The instructions talk about assigning keypads to "slots" and then doing "a supervisory reset" but at that point I am starting to lose track of exactly why and what I need to be doing.

Is there a short 'step by step' to get this thing back on it's legs? I am not afraid to stray into the unknown (obviously) but I need a path to follow, more or less.

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Many (most) DSC installers elect to disable the EOL requirement when they set up residential systems. When you default the system the requirement turns back on.

From the forum FAQ (

DSC: I defaulted my panel and now all of the zones show "open".
A lot of DSC panel installers choose to not use the End of Line Resistors (for a myriad of reasons) and instead choose to use a feature in the programming that turns off the requirement. When the panel is defaulted, this requirement is turned back on.

The specific location that has to be changed will vary by model, but will usually be in the system options sections of the program.

On the most common, the "Power series" panels (PC 1555, PC 5010, PC 5020, PC 1616, PC 1832, PC 1864, and their variants), this will be programming location 13 where you turn ON Option 1 to disable the need for resistors.
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Thanks. FWIW I DID read the FAQ and I assumed that since the manual said that 013 option 1 default was OFF the feature WAS disabled. It was in reverse Polish where turning the option ON disables the feature which is a little counter-intuitive. Sorry to have misread it.

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