Setting up a cctv camera at the shop


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Setting up a cctv camera at the shop

I own an electronics shop at Toronto and recently there were a few cases of attempted break-ins at the shop. I have already installed a burglar alarm system in the shop but now I am also planning to install a CCTV camera inside. We have home alarm systems in our residence and they were installed by Canadian Security Professionals. They also provide commercial security systems so I am planning to call them for installing CCTV. In your opinions which are the best positions where we should place the cameras?
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Best to mount them high in a locked closet so the burglars will not steal them.
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A very open ended question! With no drawings to reference, there is really no answer. Sounds like the system will be professionally installed, so I'd suggest talking to the installing company. Ask their recommended placement and then ask why "there"; you'll probably be talking to a salesman, so make him earn his money. Set a maximum amount you're will to spend, but don't tell anyone how much since you may have to use this unknown as a bargaining point.

In general: If you have to use the recordings, picture clarity will be paramount. Insist on seeing pictures recorded by the exact system they will install. You'll also need software to export recorded video to portable media (best in a non-proprietary format). Covert cameras are often missed if exposed cameras are also used. The DVR should be well hidden in as secure a location as possible. DVR monitors will tell someone how many cameras you have and can lead burglars to the DVR. Video takes a lot of storage space, so don't skimp there. Use a DVR with "motion detection" capability to reduce storage.
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Here are a couple things to consider.

1. If the cameras are not visible they are not a deterrent. If they are visible try to install them so they can not be tampered with without the perpetrator being filmed.

2. Put the DVR in an out of the way or locked location. In my town we had a burglary of a business and in addition to stealing product they also took the security DVR so the system was useless.

3. I am not a fan of IR illumination. If you are providing lighting go ahead and make it visible. The cameras will record better images and in color and you have the benefit of lighting that you and the police can see.

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