Security Cameras - a DIY item?


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Security Cameras - a DIY item?

I want to install two security cameras on a rental property my daughter owns. Is this something any electrician can install? Or should we hire a security firm? The reason I ask is the independent firms push their own products. I was told a lot of outdoor cameras do not work in extreme cold.

We don't want alarms due to renters setting them off accidentally. I was looking at a DVR two camera system online for roughly $200.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
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An electrician should be able to do the job. I don't know how clear the recording will be for $200.
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The actual camera install is probably easier than the camera configuration (DVR, SW, etc) - and an electrician should be able to handle the wire routing and installing.

What security cameras are you thinking? Hikvision has a good price vs performance point.
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Suggest you speak to your attorney before proceeding too far. Privacy laws abound and may make no sense.

How will the cameras be powered?
Has/Have renter/s agreed to furnish power for cameras?
Will the cameras be recorded?
Where will the recorder be located?
If on-site, same power questions.
If off-site, add network costs.

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I installed two security cameras on my property including the hard wiring without any problems. I had no previous experience. People on this website were helpful when I asked questions recently

This is what the local police told me about privacy issues: If someone's house is in the camera's line of view, just make sure their property is in the background with your yard in the foreground. I pointed it at a troublemaker's house and I never heard a peep from him. Good idea to check with an attorney if it's a free opinion. I never did
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I have done several security camera installations and it's not rocket science. So, the actual installation is probably very DIY.

My big question is why do you want cameras on a rental house? You also need to think about how you will use the video system. What are you looking for? How and when will you view or find the footage you are looking for. Personally as a owner of many rental properties I don't see how a video system would be legal or helpful. I think some of what you want to record is just part of the business of being a landlord...

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