Wireless external arming/disarming ?

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Wireless external arming/disarming ?

Is there a device I can use to arm our Vista 20 system when I close my garage doors and disrarm when they are opened. Thanks.

Edit : In a perfect world - I'd like that feature from the car - but not if I were at my front gate on foot.

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Not, _easily_. If your garage door opener has an external contact output (many do) you could connect that to a keyswitch zone; but even that has some pitfalls. Some systems do this trick easier than others (it's often used with access control systems)
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Okay, ignore my post as MrRon says differently and I bow to his expertise.
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Here's the logistic difficulty of making this work the way you want to.

You want the alarm system to disarm when you open the garage door and to arm when you close the door; but you probably don't want this toggle to happen _every_ time you open and close the garage door in the course of a day.

This means that you need a means to bypass the arm/disarm command. This can be a timer or some form of additional switch, or a level of command programming that a Vista 20p can't do (other brands do have more complex macros than Vistas can use)

So, it _can_ be done; but the specifics are highly dependent on the type of garage door opener, and your technical skills...
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If you have an AlarmNet communicator connected to your system, you can get Total Connect 2.0 service which would allow you to arm/disarm your system from a smart phone or computer.

If you also add a VAM or Tuxedo Touch WIFI to your system, you could tie in a Z-Wave garage door controller and then you'd have the option to control that remotely via TC2 as well.

It wouldn't be the automated door open/disarm, door close/arm that you requested but it would give you easy control of the system and the door from any mobile device.
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To add to the arming/disarming conundrum, if you left one of your other sensors faulted your system will not arm -- And you would not know it.

Safest/cheapest option is keypad arming with long delays.
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If you had a Napco Gemini system you could have a virtual keypad on your smart phone which would allow you to see if there were any zones open before you armed the system and arm and disarm it from wherever you are.

Or .... with a Napco Gemini 9600 you could set up an "if/then situation with an electric eye in the garage to sense if your car was there or not and the system would only arm or disarm when the door opened or closed if your car wasn't in the garage. And with other presence sensors in your home you could even have the system arm when you are home with the car in the garage without having to manually override the if/then situation. However, ultimately you would find that there were instants of leaving, entering and occupation where the "logic" would fail causing a false alarm or not arming when you wanted it armed. (For instance, your car is not in the garage, you're gone now but someone else is home but going to leave at a later time.)
In addition, the programming of these types of scenes is beyond what most end users are capable of doing themselves, willing to pay for and is beyond the capability of most alarm companies.

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