RJ31X hookup

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RJ31X install help

I'm trying to wire in an RJ31X for my security system
to be able to call out. Not quite sure where it should be
placed. I would like to hook it up so it can take over
line#1 of my two-line home.

Below is how the telephone line hookup is set.

Can anyone offer any advise?


X1::X2----- Gray wire (to X2)< wires
^---------- Blue wire (to X1)< from
X3::X4----- Brown wire(to X4)< telephone
^---------- White wire(to X3)< company

Further wires are attached at nuts located at X1, X2, X3
and X4: Red wires are attached at 'X1' and 'X2' and green
wires are attached at 'X3' and 'X4'. The red & green wires
attached to X1+X3 run line one while the red & green wires
attached to X2+X4 control line number two of the house.

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To correctly hook up an RJ31X alarm telephone connector you will need to do the following.

Run a 2 pair ( 4 conductor ) solid copper telephone wire from the protector ( point at which the telephone company brings the wires into the home) to the alarm control panel.

This wire is commonly known as Quad or Station Wire.

You can find this wire at Radio Shack or a hardware store.

At the protector, locate the pair of wires carrying line 1, usually blue/white.

Use caution, if the telephone rings and you’re touching the wires you’ll feel it.

Disconnect this pair from the protector.

Connect 1 pair, usually red green, of the new telephone wire to the wires carrying line 1.

Use watertight connectors or wire nuts and black electrician’s tape.

Connect the 2nd pair, usually black yellow of the new telephone wire to the line 1 connections on the protector.

At the RJ31X jack, connect the wires as follows.

The red/green pair connects to the red green wires on the jack.

The black/yellow pair connects to the brown/gray pair on the jack.

The position of these wires may vary, depending on the manufacturer.

You should now connect the RJ31X cord to the alarm panel as follows.

Red/green to Tip and Ring, sometimes marked T and R

Brown/gray to Tip 1 and Ring 1, sometimes marked T1 and R1.

The extra wires in the cord and the extra connections in the jack are not needed.

When properly connected, if you unplug the cable from the jack, the internal switching bars in the jack will pass the line back to the house telephones.

When the cord is plugged in to the jack, the house telephones will be connected to the line until the alarm control tries to dial out.

At that point the panel will seize the line, disconnecting the house phones from the line and any users on the telephone at that time.

An instruction set with pictures is available, to have this sent to you, Email support@Nextalarm.com and put RJ31X in the subject line.


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