Ran out of wireless zones! Vista 20P


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Ran out of wireless zones! Vista 20P

Okay, another set of questions with my Vista 20P:

The panel specs say the unit will handle 40 wireless zones, but I guess if you have a 6150RF keypad, that 40 goes down to 16? I wonder because I have 13 wireless zones set up and then I tried to add a keyfob which apparently threw me into the dreaded E8 error.

If this is true, do I need to add another RF Receiver to get more zones? Are there any out there that handle more than 16?

Lastly, the previous homeowner had a Lynx Plus keypad installed. I pulled it to put in the Vista 20P I had from a previous installation. It seems the Lynx Plus handles up to 40 wireless zones as-is, is that correct? If that is the case, could the Lynx Plus be substituted as the keypad in place of the 6150RF in my Vista 20P system? Am I stupid for even swapping the units out (Lynx Plus for Vista 20P)? One thing I've noticed about the Lynx Plus is that it wont handle my AMSCO SSX-52S Siren/Strobe unit (not enough power). That is one reason I'd like to use the Vista 20P.

Please advise if you can. Thanks!
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Never mind. Found answer.
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Jjudson, I'm making a request here for any future questions you may have. So far, you have three threads (that I know of) on this forum, each with different information on your system. By starting a new thread each time you have a new question, you scatter your information all over the board. The answers to your questions often require knowledge that a volunteer expert either has to take time to ask you and wait for your reply, or has to track down your other posts to see if you mentioned what s/he needs to ask.

I'm requesting that you add your new questions to one of your old threads--preferably the second one, because I think it has the most relevant information--instead of starting a new thread for each question. I know it may seem like a an unrelated question to you, but often such information as what keypads you're using (all of them) and what sensors you're using (all of them) and what zone(s), if any, are giving you trouble, are relevant in ways the novice won't know about. And of course, kudos on always mentioning your control panel model.

So I'm requesting that if/when you have another question, you ADD the question to one of your existing threads, ideally the second one, since that seems to have the most information about your system, to date.
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