Replacing front door unit and have a hardwired ADT security alarm

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Replacing front door unit and have a hardwired ADT security alarm

I am having someone at Lowes replace my front door unit ehich includes a transom and 2 sidelights. They will remove the alarm from the door but won't reinstall it. How can I do I reinstall it myself? The alarm system was put in as new construction 25 yrs. ago. Thank you!
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Normally the wire is run thru the framing and the top of the door jamb, the sensor is wired in and pushed back into the jamb. The door itself just has a hole drilled with the magnet set into it. I'm not sure how much the transom complicates things.

You'll want the sensor disconnected and the wire pulled out from above, not just cut off.
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The wire will usually be spliced where it connects to the sensor, so that's the place to cut the line. Save the old magnet and sensor from the old door. It usually takes a 3/8" hole. Im surprised they wont do it, I do this sort of thing all the time since its not a big deal and saves the hassle. It has to be done before the trim goes on.

At a minimum the hole needs to be drilled and the wire stuck through... before they trim the door, that is. Maybe if you ask the installer again he will take pity on you. Its just a matter of cutting the lines and splicing them together again. Best location is top of the door, 2" from the leading edge. If the wire is too short, just extend it to the right location with some doorbell wire, speaker wire, phone wire, etc.
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Extra 20$ to installer usually will do wonders.
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I can't remember the last time I got a tip. Does anyone still do that?
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They sure do. Showing a little extra kindness goes a long way.

Most of the door/window guys here won't touch an alarm contact. They may pull it out but not reinstall it. I get called all the time to recontact new doors/windows.
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With a door that has a transom and side lights surrounding it, you have to plan this _before_ the door is installed. Usually the only path for wire on a frame like this will be at the bottom, so this has to be done _before_ the door frame is mounted. Usually there is a small groove in the bottom of the framing that you could staple a wire along, and drill up to get to a place you can install your contact low on the strike side. You install the contact and wire and leave enough tail to get into the wall void where your original wiring is.

Yes, it's a pain in the neck, and you will have to placate your door guys who just want to get in and get out without having to wait on any extra steps to hang this door (they are often paid by the job, not the hour).

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