ITI Commander 2000: continuous beeps


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ITI Commander 2000: continuous beeps

I have this old system that I inherited with the house (15 yrs with me). It is not connected to anything outside that I know of.

Last night I hit Status to see what windows were open before arming. The panel made a series of strange noises, then went to a continuous 2-note beep (almost bong-bong). Every few minutes the bong stops and a garbled noise comes on and what sounds like a voice. I tried to turn it off right away..maybe not fast enough??

I have tried all the typical commands such as disarm, clear memory etc. I was able to arm it last night (with the bongs still going off) but set the alarm off by mistake this morning.

Lights - Ready is not on now, though all ext. doors are shut. I think it was on until I set off the alarm this a.m. Only the Power and Trouble lights are on.

I have read advice to clear the system by unplugging the AC and removing a battery in the CP, but I don't see a transformer box anywhere...could it have been wired into the circuit breaker. I even tried turning most of those off and on (not the main or water heater) but it had no effect.

The system does not give any other feedback now - it doesn't 'talk' as it does normally.

I'd like to turn off this noise and know whether I can arm it later.

I realize that this is an old system but it's in the kitchen and I'm going crazy. Any help would be appreciated. I have the booklet, know the code, and have looked online all over. I don't have much electrical knowledge but at least I've replaced batteries all along. I have a couple to replace now but i don't want to set off the alarm and not be able to turn it off.

PS At this point, I am happy to disable it if anyone has instructions for that - or could I disconnect the speaker in CP and siren.

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Update - the system is disabled

I found the transformer and then pulled out a battery from the panel (opposite order in the way they should have been installed) and what a relief.

If anyone knows what that beep pattern means and can let me know, I'd appreciate it. I'd like to keep using it if possible but I realize it might be past its due date.
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The transformer could be in an outlet forgotten in the back of a closet, behind a piece of furniture, or even just inside the attic access. Rather than frantically chase it down, unplug the battery and take either one of the two wires on terminal 1 or 4 off (it's low voltage, so is safe to handle) Throw a strip of tape on it so it doesn't touch anything. That will power down your system.

It sounds like your system firmware crashed. There's really no fix for that, because that requires setting up the system from scratch and downloading (with a software that's nearly impossible to lay hands on) a new firmware.


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