Simon XT Level 0


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Simon XT Level 0

Hi everyone. I'm having trouble with a sensor that I want in arming level 0 / subdisarmed area. It's a motion sensor in my stereo room. I want it always armed regardless of the status of the system, unless I want to go in that room, in which I would subdisarm the panel. The problem I'm having is it subdisarms, let's me in the room for a few mins, then trips the alarm. I've tried a couple different sensor groups that are active in level 0 but with no luck. I need the panel to report the trip to the monitoring centre as well. Is the problem because it's a motion sensor? Would this happen with door/window contacts? To make things easier I've attached images of the sensor group pages from the manual.

As a side note question, under the sensor groups table there are three columns. One says delay (I or S or F), next says restoral (Y or N), and the last says supervised (Y or N). What exactly do these mean?

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I ="instant"
F = "Follower" (follows the delay of entry exit delay zones previously triggered)
S = "standard delay"

Restoral is whether it reports a restoral to the system
Supervised is whether the wireless device is regularly monitored for proximity by the system (normally, only keyfobs are not supervised)

The problem that you are having, is that you are trying to use a system that was really designed for small simple residential installations for a fairly complicated purpose. All of the zone type/sensor groups that are active at level 0 are typically intended for emergency/panic, or to be local only.

The Simon XT is a single partition system; so there's no way to disarm one area separately from the rest of the system. The best you can do is to bypass that particular zone before entering the area.
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Thanks for trying to help. After your reply, I ended up talking to an owner of a local alarm monitoring centre. The sensor group I needed to be on was either 8 or 9. They are the same except (as Ron explained) 8 has no delay and 9 has a standard delay. I guess I was too concerned with the sensors being "active in level 0". Sensors on these two groups will permanently disarm while the panel is in the subdisarmed mode, and not re-trip the alarm after a couple minutes (which was my problem), even if it is a motion sensor. I figured I'd post this finding just in case anyone else is having this problem, or would like to do what I am doing and have a room only accessible while subdisarmed.

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