Turn off l3000 lynx plus


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Turn off l3000 lynx plus

Hi. I have a question. If I completely turn off my panel (disconnect the battery, and unplug the transformer), is that gonna trigger some kind of warning to ADT? Or would I lose my current configuration (3 door sensors and 1 motion sensor)?

Thanks in advance.
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Welcome to the forums.

Disconnecting the battery and the AC to the panel will render it 100% inactive. You won't lose your configuration but when it's powered down you can't use it all.

If you intend to use the system locally it would need to be reprogrammed to not report to a central station.
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Hi PJmax, thanks for your quick response.

What I'm intend to do is to program another remote and a few door sensors (ADT wants to charge me 89 dlls just for the remote). I entered the default installer code + Programming mode code ( 4112 + 800) but I did not get any response from the panel, so I believe they changed the installer code, am I correct?. I already have a contract with ADT but I want to install a few things by myself and save some money. So in this case I think I do not need to reprogrammed the system right?

is this what I need to do?

1) Turn off the panel.
2) Change the installer code:
Press both the [✻] and [#] keys at the same time, within 50 seconds after power is applied to the Control
3) Start to programming remote and door sensors.

Sorry for being so explicit, I'm new doing this and I want to do the things right .
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You could do that, but ADT may not monitor or respond to zones you add on your own.
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In my system if I press the buttons # and * at the same time triggers the panic mode. So If I do this after turn off the panel, will it triggers the panic mode also, or in this case is going to jump to the programming mode?

Thanks in advance.
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The * + # trick only works within 50 seconds of restoring AC power after a full power down (both AC and Battery).

If you websearch using the phrase "ADT default installer code", it's fairly commonly known (they fuss if we post it on this forum...).

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