Xfinity Home Security System

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Xfinity Home Security System

Does anyone here have it?

We just got moved back into our house that was flooded in March & had Comcast come out & install Tripple Play. For that we chose TV, internet & home security system which we never had before.

We got the doors & windows sensors & it comes with a motion sensor that he placed at the very end of the hall way.

My question, the installer swears a small dog 12 - 15 lb wont set off the motion sensor if the alarm is set while we are at work during the day. He says, anything under 75 lb wont set off the motion sensor alarm.

We have a miniature Schnauzer & she sometimes has seizures if she gets upset (or a sugar drop). I worry that if I set the alarm & she sets it off, she will suffer a seizure while no one is there. I was there when he installed & tested the alarm. I have to tell you, its LOUD! The alarm is a high pitched squeal kinda like a smoke alarm. Even when the smoke alarm battery gets low & chirps, she cant stand that, she'll run hide under the bed & just shake, even with just a chirp every minute or so. I can only imagine what that motion detector alarm would do to her.

Does anyone know for certain if a small dog her size will set it off or not. Experiences?

Thanks in advance...
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Does anyone know for certain if a small dog her size will set it off or not. Experiences?
Yes.... that dog can certainly set off the motion. Even cats walking/moving in the right way can set them off.

A motion detector with "pet immunity" can only reduce the false alarm from a pet.... not eliminate it.

You may be able to set your alarm with "stay-delay" mode.
That allows time to get in the door to enter your code and disables the motion detector when armed.
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Most of the motion detectors used today are Passive InfraRed (PIR). They detect rapid change in temperature of the "picture it has learned". Picture is a good analogy, becuase a PIR has much in common with a camera, having a lens (usually Fresnel) and a field-of-view.

The lens focuses certain parts of the "picture it sees" onto the detector element. The change needs to take place in these certain parts to be "seen". Pet Immunity is often achieved by aiming the detector away from where the pet will be. A dog can be all over the floor and may be on the couch, even if you don't know it, but dogs don't get on the back of a couch too often.

With the correct lens and the proper location, most PIRs can be pet immune (cats are usually the exception). I have to question a cable installer doing alarms. Sounds like they're doing "cookie cutter" installs, from a limited list of "ingredients".

But more importantly, who is this person? Are they licensed as required in Louisiana? Is Comcast licensed or do they claim some exemption? The number of people that can't pass the background investigation required by most states surprises some.

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