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Old Ademco LYNXR, new/additional sensors or whole new unit, testing info........

Old Ademco LYNXR, new/additional sensors or whole new unit, testing info........


Old 10-17-16, 05:10 AM
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Old Ademco LYNXR, new/additional sensors or whole new unit, testing info........

Hi, I have an old LynxR 7/00 (2000, 16 years old), from my deceased relatives place. I have had it stored, I now have a use for it, pulled it out, has 3 x 5890 wireless PIR's and I recall a couple of keyfobs if I haven't chucked them out(will look again).
I plugged it in and charged the batteries, fitted new ones to the PIR's and it appears to function.
From downloading and reading many manuals online, it has only 1 wired zone, so I would need to series or parallel any IR beams I add depending on configuration and add EOL resistor.
I will buy a new battery pack for it if it all tests out. I realize the dialler won't function but should dial and transmit the line number at least. (I hope)
I can use this now if I can get the 3 PIR's to work over the long range I need, so far I have been unable to test properly, so have a couple of test questions as well. (Currently no faults on panel)

So, if I buy new sensors 2003> on, will they interface to this panel, and a later panel if I upgrade later?
(I eventually need something with multiple wireless, and a few wired I expect, I would also like multiple wireless key pads so the main unit would be secured.)
I'm guessing I could use the bell output to switch a relay as an input to a new panel, as this would end up as an out-building sub-panel with it's own sensors.

It appears that I have the sensors working, but haven't been able to get the TEST function working per the manual.(If I'm reading it correctly!)
Is there any way you can set a test to interrogate each sensor to check their RF signal and get it to display signal strength, without having to fault the sensors?
I may have missed it or mixed it up, but what mode do you set so that you can see each sensor as it is activated on the LCD, but when not armed?
Also, how often, (time frame) are the wireless sensors interrogated for RF signal in normal use, either armed or disarmed?
Also, are there 3G or 4G diallers available I could hook to a relay driven buy the bell circuit that would just dial in a similar fashion as this unit would and send the sim phone number?
I have searched for the answers, and may have missed them or muddled them with all that I have read so forgive me if the answers are staring me in the face!
Thanks in advance!
EDIT: And while I'm at it, are there any other "reasonable" brands worth looking at, and does one need to steer clear of the cheap ones like this? I'm guessing the range of the wireless sensors may not be as good, any other faults?

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Old 10-17-16, 04:31 PM
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Honeywell hasn't really changed the design on their wireless transmitters in a long time, so any new devices should learn into your base unit, just fine. If you really want to upgrade, your best bet is to move up to a vista 20p with a 6160RF keypad. That would get you wired and wireless zones.

There's really no practical or simple way to interface the lynx panel with another system.

There is no way to get signal strength display. All you can get is the go/no go test ([installer code] + # + 8), or the sniffer mode test ([installer code] + # +3). See the section of your installer manual on

Remember, if the devices you are trying to test are PIRs, those have an activity lockout timer (to prevent killing the battery in high traffic areas), so they can be difficult to test using the walk test mode.

The lynx panels aren't "cheap". They are, however made for limited installations, like small houses and apartments; and much of what you are wanting to do is beyond what that alarm control is really designed to do...
Old 10-18-16, 04:31 PM
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Thanks MrRonFL,
I'll have to do some reading up on the Vista 20P. I did find that the panel went into fault 12 hours after I moved the PIR's, so I expect the supervisory check could be at 12 hours or perhaps it was coincidence of the timing and could be 24 hours.

Do you think a Vista 20P panel is "up to date" so to speak, or what do you consider a good current system to your liking (in other brands if necessary)?
Old 10-18-16, 06:14 PM
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The Vista 20p is one of the current industry "standards". What you can do with it is pretty much limited only by the add on devices you choose, and your ability to utilize some of the customization features. There's also a lot of third party hardware that's designed to interface with the Vista panels.
Old 10-19-16, 07:45 AM
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Yes, all "supervised" Honeywell RF sensors have a running 12 hour clock in the panel that counts down from 12 hours to zero. Any signal sent by the sensor that is received by the panel resets the clock and the sensors send out passive check in signals to the panel every 70-90 minutes to keep the clock from getting to zero if the sensors simply aren't used for that previous 12 hour period.

Therefore, you would expect a supervision trouble on a sensor you powered down roughly 12 hours after you powered it down as the panel didn't see any signals from the device and the timer got to zero.

You could look at upgrading to the new all-in-one wireless Lyric panel which does support wireless LKP500 keypads and all of your existing sensors, in addition to new encrypted SiX Series sensors as well.

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